THE 91st RALLY MONTE-CARLO and the Historical Archive

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Ogier on cloud 9, Toyota ecstatic!


He did it, without shaking, by managing perfectly, until the end, the 91st Rally Monte-Carlo: Sébastien Ogier, 39, won his 9th Rally Monte-Carlo since 2009, on Sunday in the Principality, taking half of the stage wins (9 out of 18) and leading from start to finish. This had only happened four times in the 21st century, so the Frenchman was entitled to call this a “perfect weekend”, without any arrogance.

On the list of faultless performances in Monaco, by leaders of a “Monte” from start to finish, Ogier (2018, 2023) equalizes with Loeb (2005, 2007). The only other member of this very select club is Finnish driver Mikko Hirvonen (2010, with Ford). So this is an extremely rare performance, once more, that the driver from the Hautes-Alpes, now a luxury freelancer in the WRC, has just completed.

This is the 56th victory in WRC for the 8-time World Champion (vs 80 for the other Seb, Loeb) but it is the very first for his new co-driver Vincent Landais, in only their second joint outing in competition (4th in Japan at the end of 2022).

“It’s never easy here and Kalle (Rovanperä) was only 16 seconds behind me this morning, after taking big chances on Saturday,” Ogier also said.

So certainly the absence of Sebastien Loeb, winner in Monaco last year, was felt … but he could not chain, in such a short time, a superbe 2nd place in the Dakar Rally just 7 days before and participate in a Rally as difficult as Monte-Carlo right after.

In this opening round of the 2023 season, Ogier faced the reigning World Champion, on equal terms, in the same type of car. There was a game but the Frenchman did not yield anything. He first created a gap on Friday, then he managed it on Saturday and Sunday, trying to avoid a puncture like the one that cost him victory in 2022, in the last stage, at the end of his memorable duel with Loeb. The method reminded us of his recent era of unchallenged domination of the WRC, crowned by eight world titles: from 2013 to 2016 at Volkswagen, in 2017 and 2018 at M-Sport Ford, in 2020 and 2021 at Toyota.

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This record 9th win, in a completely dry Monte-Carlo, at the wheel of a dominating Yaris, launched the WRC season perfectly. And the final podium reflects the situation, with a 1-2 for Toyota Gazoo Racing and a deserved podium for Thierry Neuville (Hyundai Motorsport). This is also the first podium for Cyril Abiteboul (ex-Renault F1) as a team manager of the South Korean team, starting a year which will inevitably be marked by a new duel between Toyota Gazoo Racing and Hyundai Motorsport. Behind Elfyn Evans (4th), the last big fight of the weekend pitted another Toyota driver, Takamoto Katsuta, against an M-Sport Ford driver, Estonian Ott Tänak. The 2019 World Champion (at Toyota) won the day, by a minute, although there was only a tenth of a second between the two drivers at the start of SS18. A suspension issue wasted all the progress of the Japanese since the start and gave Tänak a reason to look forward to Rally Sweden in February. In the world championship standings, Ogier the freelancer is in the lead, just two points ahead of Rovanperä who took five Power Stage points for the 12th time in WRC. The young Finn will start Rally Sweden as favorite, since Ogier will be at home with his family. As for the 2024 edition of Rally Monte-Carlo, it may have a certain Seb Ogier on the entry list. “To make it a round figure”, Ogier smiled on Sunday, in Monaco.


91º Rally Monte-Carlo

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SAS le Prince Albert II 90ºMonteCarlo’s Rally



The Big 8 by Sebastien Loeb

The greatest Rally driver of all time won the 90th edition of the Monte-Carlo Rally , on the verge of uncertainty, beating by 10 seconds and 5 tenths only his great rival Sebastien Ogier … doubly hit by bad luck in the last two stages: first a puncture to the front left tire, in SS16 and then a ten-second penalty, in SS17, for a jump start due to a small technical glitch which forced him to release the clutch… a little too early.

The winner Sébastien Loeb descending from the podium declared : “ Truly an unexpected victory !”

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Ogier with fair play retorted :” We were unlucky but that’s… rallying!“

Both drivers had started with a new, hybrid car and with a new teammate: Benjamin Veillas for Ogier and Isabelle Galmiche for Loeb.

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“We have just finished a Rally, so we need to celebrate before we decide if there will be others” said Sebastien Loeb , at almost 48, who has just set a new record …that of the oldest winner in fifty seasons of  World Rally by beating the record of Swede legend Byorn Waldegard at the “Safari Rally” in 1990, then aged 46 .

Sebastien Ogier , who intends to start a new career in endurance on circuits of this world , added :” For me it won’t be right away but we will try to set up a date  with Seb !”  delighted to have experienced such a beautiful competition at the Monte-Carlo Rallye.

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The two drivers have each already achieved eight victories in the Principality of Monaco!


2021 the 89th Rallye Monte-Carlo :
Ogier sets a new record 

The 89th Monte-Carlo Rally took place from 18th to 24th January 2021. 110 years have passed since its first edition. For the first Monte-Carlo Rally, on January 21, 1911, out of twenty-three entries, twenty competitors started from six European cities. During this 2021 edition, the Monte-Carlo Rally had the participation of 84 crews. A particular road map with special tests on icy, snowy and difficult roads. All the ingredients for an exciting rally. The public was banned from attending the Rally due to the COVID-19 pandemic with the exception of 236 stewards race who patrolled the course to enforce health protocol. In the end, a great satisfaction for the Automobile Club of Monaco for having successfully completed its legendary Rally, which has not been spared this year!
Following the devastating passage, last October 2, of storm Alex in the valleys of the hinterland of Nice, this year the special stage of the legendary Col de Turini was not part of the Rallye Monte-Carlo. After the ravages of storm Alex, in the night between Friday and Saturday, in Gap, storm Hortense, with gusts of over 106 km / hour, swept away about forty stands in the rally service park.
Sébastien Ogier (Toyota), the 7-time World Champion, has started in ideal conditions his quest for an 8th world title before retiring from WRC at the end of 2021. The Frenchman is now an 8-time winner of the Monte-Carlo Rally, with the efficient help of his faithful co-driver, Julien Ingrassia. And he took great care to do finish in style, by winning the 5 bonus points of the Power Stage (SS15), although he did not need to, after winning 8 special stages this week-end.
Ogier also brings Toyota its first win in Monaco since Carlos Sainz in 1998. He will start the Arctic Rally with 30 championship points in the pocket of his race overalls, and in a Yaris that he enjoyed driving a lot on the tricky roads between Gap and Monaco. He said it in the village of Entrevaux, at the finish line of this 89th edition of a 110-year-old rally, the oldest and most prestigious on the WRC calendar.
This is also Ogier’s 50th win in WRC since the very first one in Portugal, in 2010. And it is the best way to start what should be his last full season in WRC. “It was a good decision to start again for one last season with Toyota”, Ogier said before climbing on his 85th WRC podium (in 157 events). He also insisted on his pleasure driving the new Yaris WRC all week-end, and welcomed his new boss at Toyota Gazoo WRT, Jari-Matti Latvala, who was his loyal team-mate during his Volkswagen years.
Last but not least, Ogier is now the one and only rally driver who won the Monte-Carlo Rally for five different car manufacturers: Peugeot in 2009, when he won an IRC-sanctioned event in a 207 S2000, in a year when the world’s oldest and most prestigious rally was not included in the WRC calendar; then Volkswagen (2014 to 2016), Ford (2017 and 2018), Citroën (2019) and Toyota (2021). This is one better than Walter Röhrl, the Monte-Carlo winner for four different car brands, in the last century. An authentic legend of world rallying. Just like Carlos Sainz, Sébastien Loeb… and Sébastien Ogier.




I made a special countdown from 1911 to 2021. You’ll find each winner at the day I’ve published.

Rally 1911 Henry Rougier -60 days

Rally 1912 Julius Beutler -59 days

Rally 1924 Jacques Édouard Ledure -58 days

Rally 1925 François Repusseau -57 days

Rally 1926 Victor Austin Bruce -56 days

Rally 1927 Marcel Lefebvre -55 days

Rally 1928 Jacques Lucien Valentin -54 days

Rally 1929 Sorensen van Eijk -53 days

Rally 1930 Hector Petit -52 days

Rally 1931 Donald Henley -51 days

Rally 1932 Maurice Vasselle  -50 days

Rally 1933 Maurice Vasselle  -50 days

Rally 1934 Louis Gas -49 days

Rally 1935 Charles Lahaye -48 days

Rally 1936 Ion Zamfirescu -47 days

Rally 1937 René Le Bèguevedi -46 days

Rally 1938 Gerard Bakker Shut -45 days

Rally 1939 Jean Trévoux ex æquo Joseph Paul -44 days

Rally 1949 Jean Trévoux -43 days

Rally 1950 Marcel Becquart -42 days

Rally 1951 Jean Trévoux -41 days

Rally 1952 Sydney Herbert Allard -40 days

Rally 1953 Maurice Gatsonides – 39 days

Rally 1954 Louis Chiron -38 days

Rally 1955 Per Malling  -37 days

Rally 1956 Ronnie J.Adams -36 days

Rally 1958 Jacques Feret -35 days

Rally 1959 Paul Coltelloni -34 days

Rally 1960 Walter Schock -33 days

Rally 1961 Erik Carlsson -32 days

Rally 1962 Erik Carlsson -31 days

Rally 1963 Erik Carlsson  -30 days

Rally 1964 Paddy Hopkirk -29 days

Rally 1965 Timo Mäkinen -28 days

Rally 1966 Pali Toivonen -27 days

Rally 1967 Rauno Aaltonen -26 days

Rally 1968 Vic Elford -25 days

Rally 1969 Björn Waldegaard -24 days

Rally 1970 Björn Waldegaard -24 days

Rally 1971 Ove Andersson -23 days

Rally 1972 Sandro Munari -22 days

Rally 1973 Jean-Claude Andruet -21 days

Rally 1975 Sandro Munari -20 days

Rally 1976 Sandro Munari -20 days

Rally 1977 Sandro Munari -20 days

Rally 1978 Jean Pierre Nicolas -19 days

Rally 1979 Bernard Darniche -18 days

Rally 1980 Walter Röhrl -17 days

Rally 1981 Jean Ragnotti -16 days 

Rally 1982 Walter Röhrl -17 days

Rally 1983 Walter Röhrl -17 days

Rally 1984 Walter Röhrl -17 days

Rally 1985 Ari Vatanen -15 days

Rally 1986 Henri Toivonen -14 days

Rally 1987 Miki Biasion -13 days

Rally 1988 Bruno Saby -12 days

Rally 1989 Miki Biasion -13 days

Rally 1990 Didier Auriol -11 days

Rally 1991 Carlos Sainz -10 days

Rally 1992 Didier Auriol -11 days

Rally 1993 Didier Auriol -11 days

Rally 1994 François Delecour -09 days

Rally 1995 Carlos Sainz -10 days

Rally 1996 Patrick Bernardini -08 days

Rally 1997 Piero Liatti -07 days

Rally 1998 Carlos Sainz -10 days

Rally 1999 Tommi Mäkinen -06 days

Rally 2000 Tommi Mäkinen  -06 days

Rally 2001 Tommi Mäkinen -06 days

Rally 2002 Tommi Mäkinen -06 days

Rally 2003 Sébastien Loeb -05 days

Rally 2004 Sébastien Loeb -05 days

Rally 2005 Sébastien Loeb  -05 days

Rally 2006 Marcus Gronhölm -04 days

Rally 2007 Sébastien Loeb -05 days

Rally 2008 Sébastien Loeb  -05 days

Rally 2009 Sébastien Ogier -03 days

Rally 2010 Mikko Hirvonen -02 days

Rally 2011 Bryan Bouffier  -01 days

Rally 2012 Sébastien Loeb -05 days

Rally 2013 Sébastien Loeb -05 days

Rally 2014 Sébastien Ogier -03 days

Rally 2015 Sébastien Ogier -03 days

Rally 2016 Sébastien Ogier -03 days

Rally 2017 Sébastien Ogier -03 days

Rally 2018 Sébastien Ogier -03 days

Rally 2019 Sébastien Ogier -03 days

Rally 2020 Thierry Neuville -00 days

Rally 2021 Sébastien Ogier



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2020: 88 teams for the 88th Monte-Carlo Rally

The Monte-Carlo Rally is held over four days between 23 and 26 January 2020, it was covering a total competitive distance of 304,28 kilometres and consisted of sixteen special stages. It is the first round of the 2020 World Rally Championship. The 2020 event was based in the town of Gap, in the Hautes Alpes department of France. Relocated in 2019 , the official start of the race was back the day after in Monaco, part of his history.

Engaged :88- Starts : 88- Ranked : 73

The  Winners’ 78th  Edition : First ??Thierry Neuville, co-driver  Nicolas Gilsoul on a  Hyundai i20 coupé WRC . The driver Thierry Neuville , born on Ardennes where snow and ice are two essential elements of the setting , won his first victory on Monaco after having win four special stages in the last day , two of them , on the famous Turini Pass. (La Bollène-Vesubie / Peïra Cava  and La Cabanette/ Col de Brabus who will start with a famous downhill portion with 16 hairpins)

Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul, Hyundai i20 Coupé (Copyright Archives ACM)

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2011: Happy Birthday Monte-Carlo’s Rally , on the road since 1911

For his First Centenary the Automobile Club of Monaco chooses to stay in I.R.C. ( International Rally Challenge) . Entry frees are waived for the first 100 and , by the closing  date, 305 are been received. Eurosport has an exceptional operation in place, a camera on each of the first 20 cars. The viewer is literally on the driving seat or that of the co-driver.

Engaged :120 ( plus 10 late withdrawals) -Started :110 -Ranked : 54

The organisers have allocated the number 100 to the monégasque Daniel Eléna , who is taking part as a driver. His usual, six-time world champion Sebastien Loeb, is having not been allowed by his team to compete in a Rally not inscribed at the World Rally Championship.

The Ardèche celebrating the retour of the Rally , everywhere there are Monaco’s flags moving briskly in the breeze. The spectators are on the road in their thousands scattered, all along the course, and they are respecting the safety instructions. In those lands the hotel keepers are grateful to the Automobile Club of Monaco: “By itself, the Rally pays four monts of costs; it is the event which helps us to survive.” In Aintraigues just in front the “La Remise” restaurant , ACM President , Michel Boéri, will welcome HSH Prince Albert II and Vals-les-Bains Major, Jean-Claude Flory. Together they will taste, according to the customs, the very famous Yves Jouanny’s apple cake. Yves will offer the delicious cake  to all the teams,  on a large table set up on the pavement. On the second stage in Saint-Bonnet -Le-Froid , Prince Albert II will take place as a co-driver on the Mégane RS , drive by Jean Ragnotti , replacing  Jean-François Jacob, who wrote the book “ MONTE-CARLO 100 YEARS OF THE RALLYS “

The Winners of 69th Edition : First Bryan Bouffier, co-driver Xavier Panseri, on a  Peugeot 207 S 2000

Bryan Bouffier/Xavier Panseri, Peugeot 207 S 2000 (Copyright Archives ACM)

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2010: I.R.C. or W.R.C.?

The Automobile Club of Monaco has decided to continue with the I.R.C. ( International Rally Challenge) because its regulations are well situated to his rallying philosophy. And then, the TV coverage by Eurosport will be extended at 14 hours of broadcasts. The question is : the Monte-Carlo Rally “will be or will not to be” next year in the W.R.C. ( World Rally Championship), particularly as the new F.I.A. president is a Frenchman? ( F.I.A. = Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). Olivier Quesnel, who has been heading the Peugeot and Citroën Racing Teams , said : “I definitely want the Monte-Carlo returns in W.R.C. The fact it is part of the I.R.C. and Citroën and driver Sebastien Loeb are not there, takes the shine off the event.”

Engaged : 63- Starts : 59- Ranked : 36

The Winners 78th Edition : First Mikko Hirvonen, co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen on a Ford Fiesta S 2000 . The driver Mikko Hirvonen delights the organisers : “A Monte-Carlo remains a Monte-Carlo. It’s an incredible difficult rally …I really enjoyed the all event.”

Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen, Ford Fiesta S 2000 ( Copyright Archives ACM)

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ONLY ONE WINNER TO SEVEN RALLYS 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and  2019 , Sébastien Ogier

2019 : The Game of Statistics

Sébastien Loeb and his co-driver Julien Ingrassia, during the 87th Monte-Carlo Rally, will do everything possible to win the performance of the drivers Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Eléna. They will be able to celebrate their seventh Monegasque victory and to be the second to win a Rally Monte-Carlo with four different car-brands. So they will join  the German champions Walter Röhrl and Christian Geistdörfer in that game of statistics ( Fiat 131 on 1980/ Opel Ascona on 1982/ Lancia 037 on 1983/ Audi Quattro on 1984)

Engaged : 84 – Started : 84 – Ranked: 67

The Winners of the 87th Edition . Overall ranking: First Sébastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia on a Citroën C3 WRC

Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia , Citroën C3 WRC ( Copyright Archives ACM )


2018 : Pass Fontbell

Less than 200 kilometers after leaving Monaco, the competitors will face the longest special stage of the Rally, more over disputed at night, and in a new direction in the World Rally Championship. The special stage of  Thoard-Sisteron (36.58 km) by the famous Pass Fontbelle.

Engaged : 68 – Started : 68  –Ranked : 47

The Winners of the 86th Edition . Overall ranking: First Sébastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia on a Ford Fiesta WRC

Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia,  Ford Fiesta WRC (Copyright Archives ACM )


2017 : 17 Special Runs

One hundred million ! More precisely 100,010,000 is the number of people who watched the 84th Rally 2016 on television! The Rally is in the top 3 in terms of distribution.

Engaged : 74 – Started : 73 – Ranked : 54

In this 85th edition will remain faithful to the traditional routes with Gap for the host city. The seventeen special runs entered in the program will be unpublished, shortened or lengthened. The displacement of engines will remain fixed at 1600 cc, but their power will pass from 320 to 380 horsepower.

The Winners of the 85th Edition . Overall ranking: First Sébastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia on a Ford Fiesta WRC. Sébastien Ogier will say: “Winning a Monte Carlo is something I will never get tired of”

Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia, Ford Fiesta WRC ( Copyright Archives ACM)

2016 : Three Values Dear

The Monte-Carlo Rally will be run on a course totaling 1,474 km including 375 km on roads closed to traffic, only four special runs are identical to those of Rally 2015.  A test which privileges, in the tradition,  the competition and the innovation … three values dear to the Principality of Monaco

Engaged : 89 – Started : 88 – Ranked : 63

Beautiful, original and astonishing images of the Rally were made using drones, by the specialists of the company DJI, partner of the World Rally Championship for the 2016 season. Some are available on line, at the address

The Winners of 84th Edition . Overall ranking: First Sébastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia on a Volkswagen Polo

Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia, Volkswagen Polo ( Copyright Archives ACM )

2015 : Top of The List

On 2014 the World Rally Championship was breaking records in audience, Monte-Carlo Rally, the oldest race on the world, tops the list with 86,750,000 viewers

Engaged : 96 – Started : 96 – Ranked : 69

The champion Sebastien Loeb is ready to take risks to regain the leadership but he struck , in the special of Gap, a stone hidden by the snow while he was gliding. The left rear wheel of his car bent at 45. He reached the stop point. Impossible to repair on the spot. He had to resolve himself to accept the penalty if he would be allowed to start again in “Rally 2”. He will finish in eighth place at the Overall Ranking.

The Winners of the 83rd Edition . Overall ranking: First Sébastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia on a Volkswagen Polo R

Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia, Volkswagen Polo R (Copyright Archives ACM )

2014 : A Thunderous Applause

Different but classic, “aficionados” of the mythical last night can be reassured, the incontrovertible Turini is well enrolled in the program 2014, it will compete backwards from La Bollene to Moulinet

Engaged : 80- Started : 68 – Ranked : 40

During a decade, a franco-monegasque tandem had dominated the World Rally Championship. Then in the evening of January 13, 2014 spectators crowded on La Place du Casino to encourage Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia

The Winners of 82nd Edition . Overall ranking: First Sébastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia on a Volkswagen Polo R . The winners are invited to join, in Monte-Carlo, the stage of La Salle des Etoiles. It’s then that the guests turning to Sebastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia, to give them a thunderous  applause.

Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia, Volkswagen Polo R (Copyright Archives ACM )

2009 : Bye Bye Daisy

Monte-Carlo Rally leaves the World Rally Championship and enters the IRC  ( Intercontinental Rally Challenge), their cars  are Super 2000s two litres engines producing 280 hp, wile for the WRC  the cars are two litres 4×4 turbos capable of up to 360 hp.

Engaged : 65 – Started : 58 -Ranked : 29

The Italian driver Vanessa Polonia and her co-driver Emanuela Florian will compleete the course. They had the courage to join the end and to finish 29th, keep on mind that out of the 58 who started, 29 was retired!

The Winners of  the 77th Edition . Overall  ranking: First Sébastien Ogier, co-driver Julien Ingrassia on a Peugeot 207 S 2000

Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia( Copyright Archives ACM )


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2006 : “Amateurs” Are Accepted Again

They are finally realised that any Rally, to remain credible, must have a certain number of drivers at the start and that being on the only World Rally Championship ( WRC) is not enough . New rules are introducing two categories : one called M1 for official teams and the second one called M2 for private racing stables …”Amateurs” are accepted again !

Engaged : 53- Started: 51-Ranked : 43

After the test “shakedown”, the acces road to the first special test at Beuil is closed because of a huge traffic jam that is built up in a few hours . Only the first 11 competitors get to the start in Beuil . Unable to round up the others team , only the first 11 take part in the second special. The management decides to cancel the third special to avoid competitors who have already received a fixed penalty , from being overly penalised.

The Winners of the 74th Edition . Overall  ranking : First Marcus Gönholm, co-driver Timo Rautianen on a Ford Focus RS WRC

Marcus Gönholm /Timo Rautianen, Ford Focus RS WRC( Copyright Archives ACM )


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ONLY ONE WINNER FOR SEVEN RALLYS  : 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012 et 2013: SÉBASTIEN LOEB

2013: Most Successful Driver

Monte-Carlo Rally is the first round of World Championship. As always the focus was on safety, especially for the public, with 310 Commissioners “Safety” responsible for advising and guiding spectators on the 468km of the special run.

Registered : 109 – Started : 73- Ranked : 45

In January 2013, between the 73 cars started only 13 cars are WRC( World Rally Championship) : six Ford Fiesta, four Citroën DS3, two Polo R WRC and one Mini. This last, was drive by Polland driver Michal Kosciuszko, team Motorsport Italia.

The Winners of 81st Edition. Overall ranking : First  Sébastien Loeb , co-driver Daniel Elena on a DS3  WRC.  The driver Sébastien Loeb is the most successful driver in the sport and he’s considered, by many  specialists, as the greatest rally’s driver of all time.

 Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena Citroën DS3 ( Copyright Archives ACM )

cf : Video Loeb, The Legend

2012: WRC is Back

After three years of absence Monte-Carlo Rally is part again of World Championship Rally, WRC . Since 2008 it has been no longer on a calendar WRC. According to the points system in force, the first ten teams win the following points: 25 points for the first then 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1.

Engaged : 100 – Started : 85- Ranked : 54

The Winners of 80th Edition. Overall ranking : First Sébastien Loeb, co-driver Daniel Eléna on a Citroën DS3 WRC

Rallye de Monte-Carlo 2012 Sport automobile Rallye

Sébastien Loeb /Daniel Eléna , Citroën DS3 WRC (Copyright Archives ACM )

2008: Who can Beat the French Champion and his Monegasque Co-driver?

Sébastien Loeb will be the first driver in the Rally’s history to win five times ? There are five drivers who have already won four times  : Loeb , Röhrl, Munari , Makinen , Trévoux . The last of that group, Trévoux, won it before the World championship was created .

Engaged : 50 – Started : 47 -Ranked : 34

The era of adventure is over, professional sportsmen have taken over. The media will no more pay attention to “amateur” sport.

The Winners of 76th Edition. Overall Ranking : First Sébastien Loeb, co-driver Daniel Eléna on a Citroën C4 WRC

Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Eléna ,Citroën C4 WRC( Copyright Archives ACM )

2007: An Exemplary Public

The Ardèche is back to unanimous acclaim. The driver Guy Fréquelin enthuses : “The organisers have made a bold move and been successful with this cup. We need the proximity of the spectators for this popular festival. As an avid fan of rallies  and head of Citroën sport, I am delighted to see the Rally again become an event which inspire the crowd and arouses the fervour ….If the organisers manage to add a couple of specials, in the south east, going down to Monaco next year that would be even more fantastic.” The driver Bernard Darniche adds : “The Rally is returning to places that it ought never to have left !”

The first two specials are taken place at night in front a large crowd, packed but disciplined. The FIA will ask the local police not allowed anyone walking on the side of the road and not big groups  of spectators on the same spot.

Engaged : 49 – Started : 47- Ranked : 39

Starts are given in the reverse order of the ranking.

The Winners of 75th Edition. Overall Ranking : First  Sébastien Loeb, co-driver Daniel Eléna on a Citroën C4 WRC

Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Eléna , Citroën C4 WRC ( Copyright Archives ACM )

2005: No Comment

The international FIA Rally has only attracted  34 registrations  and the entire route  takes place in the fold of a single Michelin map. Only 33 teams will take the starts . The estonien driver Urmo Aava renounced voluntary as he leaves the enclosure.

Engaged : 34 -Started : 34 -Ranked : 24

The Winners of 73rd Edition. Overall Ranking : First Sébastien Loeb, co-driver Daniel Eléna on a Citroën Xsara WRC

Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Eléna,  Citroën Xsara WRC ( Copyright Archives ACM)

2004: “Bizarres” Decisions

The FIA’s decisions (Federation International Automobile)  become more and more “bizarre”. This year the names of the co-drivers  disappear from the car doors and the race numbers are postage stamp side. The journalist Jean-Paul Reinvoizé, expert on Rally, said “ We must question the desirability of certain changes implemented by FIA . With 20 teams  at the finish out of 43 at the start , nearly a third of the mileage on the specials cancelled or neutralised, and the gaps between  the first four measured with an hourglass, this 72nd edition leaves one perplexed.”

Engaged : 48 – Started : 43 -Ranked : 20

The Winners of 72nd Edition. Overall Ranking : First  Sébastien Loeb, co-driver Daniel Eléna on a  Citroën Xsara WRC

Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Eléna Citroën Xsara WRC (  Copyright Archives ACM)

2003: Citroën is Hopefully 

The Rally race will be between two trios. At Peugeot the drivers Gronholm, Burns and Panizzi ; at Citroën the drivers Colin McRae, Sainz and Loeb. After the second special, on the Garcinets Pass,  hope is back at Citroën . The last specials, on the ice, where particularly testing for Daniel Eléna, Sebastien Loeb co-driver , but they will easily win . A great champion is born.

Engaged : 57 – Started : 51 -Ranked : 30

The Winners of 71st Edition. Overall Ranking : First  Sébastien Loeb ,co-driver Daniel Elena on a Citroën Xsara WRC

Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena Citroën Xsara WRC ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-06 Days on Line 01/20/2020

ONLY ONE WINNER FOR FOUR RALLIES   1999, 2000,2001 and 2002 : Tommi Mäkinen

‪2002: The Global Regulation are Restrictive‬

‪As described by ‬Jean-Paul Reinvoizé, writer in “L’Equipe”: “ The current format , with three days of competitions and 338,38 km of specials , moves the Monte-Carlo Rally close to the Monaco Grand Prix, with his four days confined to the city and 262,86 km of racing, than the original marathon across Europe.”

‪Engaged : 57 -Started : 55 -Ranked : 26‬

‪The Winners  of the 70th Edition: First Tommi Mäkinen, co-driver Risto Manninsenmäki, on a Subaru Impreza WRC  2001. Many Rally’s winners are Finnish maybe because to obtain a car driver’s licence in Finland it requires many exams and after, it imposes a slippery driving course and a dark time driving training. On my opinion every Automobile Club should propose a safe driving course after the first theory’s examination.‬

‪Tommi Mäkinen/Risto Manninsenmäki, Subaru Impreza WRC  2001( Copyright Archives ACM)‬

cf : Rally’s Video

2001 : Gap is Scarified

The clover wins , Gap is sacrificed and competitors will have to drive a marathon on the road to start from Monaco and return each day having battled it out over five or six specials. The Rally has lost his excitement .The Prince Albert Challenge is reserved for drivers who are not in the World championship WRC.

‪Engaged : 60 -Started : 56 -Ranked : 27‬

‪The Winners of the  69th Edition: First Tommi Mäkinen, co-driver Risto Manninsenmäki, on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution‬

‪Tommi Mäkinen/Risto Manninsenmäki, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ( Copyright Archives ACM)‬

2000: The Hunt Is On for Large Parking

The service teams can only act in the enclosures identified before the start. Everything is formatted., the factory’s teams are entitled to 400 sqm. The number of entrants is limited to 85. Protests increase, the organisation calculates the space available and raises the number to 92, leaving out numerous “amateur” drivers. The  Monte-Carlo Rally is becoming, like the other world championship rallies, an event for the big boys, a barrier to the emergence of new talent who remains confined to an intermediate level at best.

‪Engaged : 91 -Started : 91 -Ranked : 57‬

‪The Winners of the 68th Edition : First Tommi Mäkinen, co-driver Risto Manninsenmäki, on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution‬

‪Tommi Mäkinen/Risto Manninsenmäki, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution ( Copyright Archives ACM)‬

1999: At Top Speed

“I have never won the Monte-Carlo and have come here to make up for this shortfall.” Timo Mäkinen, reigning world champion, warns his opponents. A Rally with only 14 specials , long and difficult.  The first one at Plan de Vitrolles is over 48 km.

‪Engaged : 85 -Started : 84 -Ranked : 46‬

‪The Winners of the 67th Edition: First Tommi Mäkinen, co-driver Risto Manninsenmäki, on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. The service enclosure is the scene of an unexpected incident. Mäkinen arrives, the crowd is packed and the mechanics have trouble to move them back. A touch on the pedal  and the Mitsubishi hit a little wall…the headlights come off and the service team has some problem to do his job on the indescribable scrum of spectators who all want to be in the front row. The car finally is ready and starts at top speed.‬

‪Tommi Mäkinen/Risto Manninsenmäki, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI( Copyright Archives ACM)‬

cf : Rally’s Video

-07 Days on Line 01/19/2020

1997: Rally WRC, World Rally Championship

The discreet  negotiations of the last year between FIA and the Automobile Club of Monaco have saved the Ardèche but the concentration run is gone. The organisation creates a “Challenge Prince Albert de Monaco” which maintains the concentration run but as a separate classification . The WRC, World Rally Championship, spreads its wings . There are new generation rally’s cars with the dual intention of injecting new blood in to the discipline while radically reducing homologation costs. The only constraint is that the car must be a production model.

4 Routes

Engaged : 149 -Started : 139 -Ranked : 85

The  Winners, 65th Edition : First Piero Liatti, co-driver Fabrizia Pons on a Subaru Impreza WRC, starts from Monte-Carlo . Italy rejoices in victory for the first time since Miki Biasion in 1989

Ladies’Cup: First‪ Mlle Isolde Holderied, co-driver Catherine Francois ‬on a  Toyota Celica GT-Four, starts from Monte-Carlo

Piero Liatti/ Fabrizia Pons, Subaru Impreza WRC (Copyright Archives ACM)

-08 Days on Line

1996: A Three Leaf Clover Does Not Bring Happiness

Again the international rules do not favour the Monte-Carlo Rally. FIA’s président Max Mosley is complaining  for the acceptance of a new World championship format to condense each Rally into three stages, returning each evening to the town of departure. A model described as a daisy flower or a clover. That means the Ardèche may be removed in the future. Moulinon, Burzet, La Souche and Saint Bonnet le Froid are also threatened. The winter economy of this beautiful region will suffer. After discreet negotiations , maybe in 1997, the Monte-Carlo Rally will escape the clover leaf although the concentration run will be sacrificed .

5 routes

Engaged : 157 -Started : 150 -Ranked : 99

The Winners of 64th Edition : First Patrick Bernardini, co-driver Bernard Occelli, on a Ford Escort RS Cosworth starts from Reims. The driver Patrick Bernardini had beside him a master of strategy, Bernard Occelli, who had already won three times with Auriol .

Ladies’Cup : First Mme Ana Arche, co-driver Mme Arielle Tramont on a Fiat Cinquecento Sporting starts from Turin.

Patrick Bernardini/Bernard Occelli, Ford Escort RS Cosworth (Copyright Archives ACM)

-09 Days on Line 01/17/2020

1994: No More Bad Luck

6 Routes

Numerous activities have been organised, mostly on the Ardèche but also on the Jura and on the Langres plateau with wine tastings, concerts and the occasional appearance of the Monte-Carlo Rally

Engaged :198 -Started : 186 Ranked : 113

The Winners of 62nd Edition: First François Delecour, co-driver Daniel Grataloup on a Ford Escort Cosworth, starts from Reims. François Delecour looks relaxed before the last night but his very real fear is being hit by bad luck, on this final hurdle, like in 1991’s Rally. Delecour sums his victory : “I have been waiting for this result for three years. Revenge. Justice. Bravo. Super . Thank you.”

Ladies’Cup: First Mlle Isolde Holderied ,co-driver Christina Thörner , on a Mitsubishi Lancer, starts from Bad Homburg .

François Delecour/ Daniel Grataloup, Ford Escort Cosworth (Copyright Archives ACM)

cf: Rally’s Video

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ONLY ONE WINNER FOR THREE RALLIES  1991,1995 and 1998 : Carlos Sainz

1998: The Rally Was No Part at The World Championship

The pessimists of 1997 were not wrong : after the concentration run, the remote regions have also disappeared . Three loops of six stages, each representing 360 km of competition, and the night time stage have gone, replaced by the goddess television. On 1998 the Monte-Carlo Rally was no part of the World Championship

6 routes

Engaged : 106 -Started : 105 -Ranked : 60

The Winners of 66th Edition: First Carlos Sainz Cenamor, co-driver Luis Moya, on a Toyota Celica WRC

Carlos Sainz /Luis Moya , Toyota Celica WRC ( Copyright Archives ACM)

1995: Stubborn As Nails

6 routes

International regulations have changed. Broadly, mobile technical assistance is banned, it can only take place in the enclosures. The drivers will only have the choice during two consecutive specials of two spare wheels in the boot, the six wheels must be chosed the day before. The drawbacks of the regulations become only too apparent on the Burzet. With over 10 kilometres covered in snow, studs are required . On the ice , no driver dares take any inconsiderable risk and all go through at 40 km/h. The public is frustrated.

Engaged : 209 -Started : 207 -Ranked : 131

The Winners of the 63rd Edition : First Carlos Sainz Cenamor, co-driver Luis Moya, on a Subaru Impreza starts from Barcelone.

Ladies’Cup : First Mlle Isolde Holderied, co-driver Christina Thörner on a Mitsubishi Ralliart starts from Bad Hombourg

Carlos Sainz /Luis Moya , Subaru Impreza ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf : Video Rallye 

1991: Down To A Ball Joint

5 routes

Registered : 173 -Started : 166 -Ranked : 94

Winners of the 59th Edition Overall ranking: First Carlos Sainz Cenamor, co-driver Luis Moya, on a Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD starts from Barcelone.
The duel turns between Carlos Sainz and François Delecour on the three last specials : on the Saint-Raphael Pass, Sainz loses 14 seconds; Madone Pass, Sainz loses 25 seconds. Delecour will never lose 41 seconds in the final special, the Turini, Sainz has clearly capitulated. And then…. Delecour explains: “I felt something strange at the back, I stopped , the wheel was buckling beneath the car, a ball joint had snapped, I continued. I skidded on a patch of snow and punctured the front left tyre 2km further on. On the pass, I pulled right over, thrown on to the track by those stupid spectators. I went on to the end. Such bad luck, it was insane, never before. I was not going fast, I knew I had won, I knew Carlos would not attempt anything… and this ball joint is snapping in two, that’s something which never happens.” The driver François Delecour will be third in the Overall ranking.

Ladies’Cup: First Mlle Mina Sillankorva, co-driver Michela Marangoni on a Mazda 323 4WD starts from Lausanne

Carlos Sainz /Luis Moya , Toyota Celica 4WD ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf : Video Rally

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ONLY ONE WINNER FOR THREE RALLIES 1990, 1992, et 1993: Didier Auriol
1993: The Additive Above All Suspicion
Auriol has left Lancia for Toyota, Carlos Sainz has replaced him in Italy . Schwarz and Eriksson are part of the Mitsubishi team. At Ford the new driver are Biasion and Delecour.
5 Routes
The public is really indisciplined. The driver Miki Biasion, world champion’s Rally, declares :“It’s crazy. We have nothing against the public, far from it. But the public shouldn’t get in our way and only stands in places which are safe for us and them.” The driver Delecour adds “ I nearly cut one chap in half”
Registered : 180 – Started : 178 -Ranked : 106
The Winners of 61st Edition. Overall ranking : First Didier Auriol, co-driver Bernard Occelli on a Toyota Celica 4WD, starts from Reims.
 At the end, in Monaco a rumour seeps out. The service point mechanics of the two winners, puts methanol (which is banned) rather than petrol in the Toyota’s tank to make it go faster. No official protests is lodged. The journalist Chapuis concludes : “If there was an illegal additive, it certainly was not aircraft fuel, but rather this adrenaline that the two pilots know how to summon up when they need it. That additive is above all suspicion.”
Ladies’Cup : First Mlle Isolde Holdereid who wins her second Rally MC, co-driver Mme Maria Kristina,Tina Thörner on a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, starts from Bad Hombourg
Didier Auriol/ Bernard Occelli, Toyota Celica 4WD ( Copyright Archives ACM)
1992: A Disturbing Apparition
5 Routes:
A shorter concentration run, a qualifying race from Monaco to Aubenas with six specials, a common route Aubenas-Digne-Monaco. More a night rest in Digne with six specials before and six specials after. A final race with eight specials. The new Rosans challenge, the Saulce Pass is greeted enthusiastically. In Laborer the mayor gives a lifetime permission for the Rally to pass through . He replaces the usual sign “Drivers, slow down and think of our children” with another delightful one “Drivers, slow down so our children can recognise you” !
Engaged : 155 – Started : 147 -Ranked : 86
The Winners of 60th Edition. Overall ranking : First Didier Auriol, co-driver Bernard Occelli on a Lancia HF Integrale , starts from Almeria.
On the Turini the drivers Auriol and Occelli are involved in an unexpected surprise. Over the Pass Turini , when they began the descent, in the middle of the road, a young woman was standing completely naked. A camera flashed, the girl jumped to one side and the drivers drove out without slowing down . A few days later , Didier Auriol received at his home a photo with a request for an autograph ! A disturbing apparition .
Ladies’Cup : First Mlle Isolde Holdereid, co-driver Mlle Dagmar Lohan on a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, starts from Bad Hombourg
Didier Auriol/ Bernard Occelli, Lancia HF Integrale( Copyright Archives ACM)
1990: A Very Tens Duel : Toyota-Lancia
A fabulous retrospective : François Lassalle shows in a expo, in Monaco’s Sporting d’Hiver, 2000 cars’ miniatures witch won the Rally MOnte-Carlo between 1939 and 1989, including plates and adverts.
5 Routes
After the special trials , on the arrival in Monaco they are still 113th , but only the first 100th will continue. The Lancia team installs a short gearbox and ups the turbo pressure on Auriol’s car.
Engaged : 155 -Started : 147 -Ranked : 86
The Winners of 58th Edition. Overall Ranking : First Didier Auriol , co-driver Bernard Occelli on a Lancia HF Integrale 16V, start from Sestriere.
Toyota lodges a protest against Lancia, is claiming to the fact that have made a transgressions against new regulations, which required a flange at the air intake mounted on the pipe, near the turbo. The commissioners state that the stamp and identification colour and the seals affixed under the bonnet of the Lancia, at the start in Sestrières  we’re still there at the finish . They reject Toyota claims.
Ladies’Cup : First Mme Louise Aitken-Walker, she won the Rally MC already in 1983, co-driver Mme Maria Kristina,Tina Thörner on a Vauxhall Astra GTE, starts from Reims
Didier Auriol/ Bernard Occelli, Lancia HF Integrale 16V( Copyright Archives ACM )

-12 Days on Line 01/14/2020

1988:  The Clash

The clash with the Dakar rally is making itself felt. The two pilots Vatanen and  Kankkunen are committed to it. The pilots Alen et Eriksson  are being held back to Lancia to compete  in Sweden and at the Rallye Monte-Carlo Lancia as entrusted its Delta to Biasion, Saby and  Loubet. For the first  time in the rally’s history  a so-called ecological car is competing: the Peugeot 205 GTI 1999, whit catalytic converter , running  on lead-free petrol.

5 routes

Registered : 180-Started:169-Ranked:109

The Winners of the 56th Edition Overall ranking: First Bruno Saby, co-driver Jean-François Fauchille on a Lancia Delta 4WD, starts from Sestrières

Ladies’Cup: First Pascale Neyret, co-driver Carole Cerboneschi on a Lancia Delta HF 4WD starts from Monte-Carlo

Bruno Saby/Jean-François Fauchille , Lancia Delta 4WD ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-13 Days   On Line le 01/13/2020

ONLY ONE WINNER FOR TWO RALLIES   1987 and 1989 : Miki Biasion

1989: Public Safety

7 routes

The concentration run ends in Saint-Étienne and the Chartreuse and Revard are no longer on program, as the General Commissioner René Isoart explains :  “The choice of Saint- Étienne is dictated by the televised broadcast. We are not able to organise the Sunday’s event near the ski resorts. After the experience in Alpe d’Huez , two years ago, we had learned a lesson.” Tragedy strikes in the first special of second day : Fiorio’s Lancia bounces off a small bump, the driver cannot recover it. The car falls from the road beneath and mows down a group of spectators, two are killed and three injured. The two victims were the Swedish driver Érik Thorp and a former co-driver. The President of FISA , Jean-Marie Balestre, said “The Monte-Carlo Rally is most probably the one where organisers do the most in terms of measures implemented for public safety.” The Rally is still reeling from the tragedy.

Engaged : 180 -Started: 172 -Ranked: 109

The Winners of  57th   Edition. Overall ranking: First Massimo Miki Biasion, co-driver Tiziano Siviero on a Lancia Delta Integrale , started from Sestrières

Ladies’Cup : First Paola de Martini , co-driver Umberta Gibellini on  a Audi 90 Quattro , started from Sestrières

Miki Biasion |Tiziano Siviero ,Lancia Delta Intégrale ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf : Video Rally

1987 : Lancia, The Italian Winner

5 Routes

The start of the classification course could not have been more chaotic. The first special is scheduled on the Alpe d’Huez. Between skiers attempting to get down, rally’s spectators, support vehicles and Rally’s cars trying to get up , in a short laps of time, there’s a traffic jam . Throughout the next specials , the public  never loses his enthusiasm: every start and finish is made more perilous as there are so many spectators’cars parked on both sides of the road and thoughtless sometimes undisciplined people walking about .

Registered :163 -Started : 160 -Ranked : 102

The Winners of 55th edition . Overall ranking: First Massimo Miki Biasion, co-driver Tiziano Siviero on a Lancia Delta 4WD, started from Sestrières

Ladies’Cup : First Mme Carole Vergnaud  co-driver  Mme  Marie-Claude Jouan on  a Citroën Visa 1000 Pistes , started from Lausanne

Miki Biasion |Tiziano Siviero ,Lancia Delta 4WD ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf :Video Rallye 1987

??-14 Days on Line 01/12/2020

1986: Twenty Years After

In 1966 Pauli Taivonen won on the Monte roulette, 20 years later his son’s victory is unanimously applauded.

6 routes

Registered : 160 -Started: 147 -Ranked : 85

Winners of the 54th Edition Overall ranking: First ??Henri Toivonen, co- driver??Sergio Cresto , driving a Lancia Delta S4, startEd from Sestrières . The two pilots will die 4 months later on the Corse’s Rally . A video tribute is presented at the end of this article

Ladies’Cup: First ??Mme Mme Elysabeth de Fresquet, co-driver Catherine Pernot on a Opel Corsa started from Paris

Jean Ragnotti , Jean- Marc Andrié Peugeot 104 ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf :Video Tribute

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1985: The Year of Living Dangerously

During the inauguration in Monaco on the Fontvieille Terraces, on December 21st 2019 , of the new exhibition “La Légende des Rallys “ ( Collection of Rally’s Cars of the Prince of Monaco opens until 2020, March 15th) H.S.H Prince Albert II gave a testimony, in a interview , on the 1985 Rally:  “The Monte-Carlo Rally has marked my life. Despite our ten minute penalty we managed to stay miraculously on the road and it was not just winning that counted but finishing the race . Sometimes the rally is  unfortunate , I almost risk to died ! It’s not just the victories that count …”

9 routes

Organisation of the 53rd edition takes place in a climate of open warfare with the French Federation of Automobile Sports ( FFSA) in person of Jean-Marie Balestre , President of the FISA( Federation  International du Sport Automobile ). He obtains a decision from the FFSA , on September 19th, to require payment of a right of passage of one million francs …until the government intervenes at the National Assembly whereover 40 Members in both houses call for this measure to be withdrawn, mainly because of the financial loss cancellation of the Monte-Carlo Rally would create in their regions. The FFSA is forced to climb down and 140 competitors line up for the start!

Registered : 138 -Started : 133 -Ranked:  108

Winners of the 53rd Edition Overall ranking: First Ari Vatanen, co-driver Terry Harryman on a Peugeot 205 T 16 started from Paris .
Ari Vatanen wins with style , a pure genius at the wheel who does not taken his foot off the pedal all the way long . He wins 20 of the 32 specials to leave, on the 27th special, his best enemy, Walter Röhrl, more than five minutes behind . The Rally is not just about power, engine size, handling and level of technical support, but is a competition between men and women where no-one is exempt from making errors .

Ladies’Cup: First Élisabeth de Fresquet , co-driver Mme Marie Charlotte Vallette on a Autobianchi A112 started from Paris

Ari Vatanen ,Terry Harryman, Peugeot 205 T16 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


-16 Days  On Line 01/10/2020

1981:  The Hourglass and the Truth

A timing error favours driver Fréquelin who then tries to claim that he had nearly caught up with Ragnotti, wich is not quite true. They grill the controllers and the truth is established.

8 routes

The big question concerns the state of the roads for the first special of the classification course. Heavy snow followed by a mild thaw, then a lower temperature make the road became iced on snow, a lethal combination !

Registered : 276 -Started: 273 -Ranked:  101

Winners of the 49th Edition Overall ranking: First Jean Ragnotti, co-driver Jean- Marc Andrié on a Renault 5 Turbo started from Paris

Ladies’Cup: First Mme Gisella Blume, co-driver Petra Shuster on a  Peugeot 104 ZS started from Bad Homburg.

Jean Ragnotti , Jean- Marc Andrié Peugeot 104 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


17 Days   On Line le 01/09/2020

ONLY ONE WINNER  FOR 4  RALLYES:  Walter Röhrl who win on 1980 and on 1982,1983 and 1984 , one Rally after the other one !

1984 : The Turini For All

 Télé- Monte-Carlo installed a camera on the pass Turini and broadcast the special races  live, in an evening entirely devoted to the Rally . There was a great atmosphere,  the crowd in the Turini was enthusiastic. Later the French channel TF1 will pick up the baton and finally Eurosport .

8 Routes

Registered : 220 -Started : 212 -Ranked:30

The Winners of 52nd edition . Overall ranking: First Walter Röhrl , co-driver Christian Geistdörfer on a Audi 4 A2 , started  from Bad Hombourg. The driver Walter Röhrl, with his loyal co-driver Geistdörfer, won four victories in four different brands and arrived ahead of top competitors .

Ladies’Cup : First Mme Minna Sillankorva  co-driver Mme Flink Nieminen on a Mazda 323 Turbo started from Lausanne

Walter Röhrl,  Christian Geistdörfer Audi Quattro  ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf: Video Rally

1983: Lancia , Team of Dangerous Drivers

7 routes

They are not yet talking about anti doping measures but the Rally is making a contribution in connection to sport medicine: a team from the North Marseille University Hospital follows some drivers to collect blood,  neurological and alertness tests.

Engaged : 253 – Started : 244 -Ranked : 148

Winners 51st  Edition . Overall ranking: First Walter Röhrl , co-driver Christian Geistdörfer on a Lancia Rally, started from Rome

Ladies’Cup : First Mlle Louise Aitken-Walker, co-driver  Mlle Morgan on  a Alfa Sud startEd from London

Walter Röhrl,  Christian Geistdörfer Lancia Rally (Copyright Archives ACM)

cf: Video Rally

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1982: The Moulinon, Race at Night

8 routes

Changes to the regulations and overlaps between old and a new groups have put off the big boys, except Audi which enrols three “Quattro” for Michèle Mouton , Mikkola and Cinotto. However the “amateurs” respond to the call of adventure  and the allocation limit of 300 is quickly reached.

Engaged : 301 -Started : 299 -Ranked : 140

Winners of 50th Edition . Overall ranking: First Walter Röhrl , co-driver Christian Geistdörfer on a Opel Ascona 400, started from Bad Hombourg

Ladies’Cup : First Mme Elisabeth de Fresquet , co-driver Marie Charlotte Valette on  a Volkswagen Golf GT1 started from Paris

Walter Röhrl,  Christian Geistdörfer  Opel Ascona ( Copyright Archives ACM )


1980: The Lake Placid Slalom Special

Walter Röhrl  crosses the finish line with more than ten minutes ahead. Just arrived, the German driver has to answer some unexpected questions. He quickly  used to respond several times in the affirmative way about his best victory, a journalist, who knew very well his background, asked him: “In your opinion , who will win the special slalom in the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid ?” The question may sound strange , unless you know that the great Walter Röhrl was a ski instructor.

9 routes

The concentration run is less selective than in its heroic past , but it is full of surprises . The first special test of the classification course is on the Serre-Chevalier ice track .

Engaged : 256 -Stars: 250 -Ranked : 125

Winners of the 48th Edition . Overall Ranking: First Walter Röhrl , co-driver Christian Geistdörfer on  a Fiat 131 Abarth, started  fromFrancfort

Ladies’Cup : First Mme Michelle Mouton , co-driver Arii on a Fiat 132 Abarth, started  from Paris

Walter Röhrl,  Christian Geistdörfer Fiat 131 Abarth( Copyright Archives ACM )


18 Days on Line 01/08/2020

1979 :  A Fantastic Ride

In the anti-penultimate test , the pilote Darniche reduces the gap by another 36 seconds. The only thing that matters in this Rally is this incredible offensive. Bernard Darniche and Alain Mahé launched an extraordinary race , constantly taking risks, showing exemplary determination ! One of the finest feats in the history of the Rally

9 routes

The principle of sections is maintained: a concentration run to Vals-les-Bains , a qualifying course to Monaco with five specials, a common course  via Gap and Digne the next day with 15 specials. The 100 best ranked drivers will compete in the additional stage with a further 10 specials.

Registered : 256 -Started : 233 -Ranked : 154

Winners of the 47th Edition Overall ranking: First Bernard Darniche, co-driver Alain Mahé on a Lancia Stratos HF starts from Paris .

Ladies’Cup: First Mlle Michelle Mouton co-driver Mlle Françoise Conconi on a Fiat 131 Abarth starts from Paris

Bernard Darniche , Alain Mahé on a Lancia Stratos HF ( Copyright Archives ACM)

19 Days on Line 01/07/2020

1978 :  Talent, Courage And Faith

8 routes

The organisers talk about removing the Ardèche loop to reduce the mileage and the disruptions which are difficult to control when the race direction  is so far away, event though they are predictable.

Registered : 219 -Started : 216 -Ranked:  129

Winners’List of the 46th Edition Overall ranking: First Jean-Pierre Nicolas, co-driver Vincent Laverne  on a Porsche Carrera 911 SC , starts from Monte-Carlo.
A Rally in which a private team showed how with talent  courage and faith you can inscribe your name on the winners’list .

Ladies’Cup: First Mlle Michelle Mouton, co-driver Mlle Françoise Conconi on a Lancia Stratos starts from Paris.

Jean- Pierre Nicolas, Vincent Laverne  on a Porsche Carrera 911 SC ( Copyright Archives ACM)

20 Days on Line thé 01/06/2020

ONE WINNER FOR THREE RALLIES: Sandro Munari 1975,1976 and 1977

1977: The Phantom Radar

Aseptogyl team hires an impressive all female crew : Christine Dacremont and Marianne Hoepfner both are driving a Stratos, and Marietta Oksala an Alpine A310.

7 routes

The sporting element of the common route is reinforced with 15 specials , including the most famous ones, as well as some new, extremely varied stages where good driving skills will be vital. The fact of reducing costs considerably of the subscription gives a better result : more amateurs sign up!

Registered : 200 -Started : 198 -Ranked : 45

Winners of the 45th Edition Overall Ranking: First Sandro Munari, co-driver Silvio Maiga on a Lancia Stratos, start from Rome.
There is a rumour that Munari and Andruet were caught on radar breaking the law in Puget-Théniers and the two drivers are going to be disqualified. There is no comment from the organisation, the ranking is confirmed. The pilote Munari wins for the fourth time and joins Trévoux in becoming part of the legend.

Ladies’Cup : First Mlle Christine Dacremont, co-driver Mlle Colette Galli in a Lancia Stratos HF, start from Paris.


Munari and Maiga on LanciaStratos ( Copyright Archives ACM)

1976: Saved in Saint-Sauveur

The shadow of default hangs over Munari on the last Turini climb, has his gearbox is stuck in fourth on the way up, he loses another 52 seconds to Waldegaard. At the service points in Saint-Sauveur, the mechanics had 14 minutes to get inside the box and restore it. It was there, where it dawned on Munari and the mechanics that reach the victory still have a chance , they restore it in 12 minutes.

7 routes

The Rally is back to basics with a concentration run of around 2.000 km finishing in Monaco, before that competitors set off  on a short course to determine the ranking, starting with two specials in Italy . After a night in Monaco they start the common route via Vals-les-Bains and Digne. The 60 top ranked teams will then battle it out on the traditional supplementary course .

 Registered : 169 -Started: 148 -Ranked : 84

Winners of the 44th Edition Overall Ranking : First Sandro Munari , co-driver Silvio Maiga on a Lancia Stratos , start from Rome

Ladies’Cup: First Mlle Michelle Mouton , co-driver Mlle Françoise Conconi , Alpine-Renault A110 , start from Paris

Sandro Munari, Silvio Maiga , Lancia Stratos ( Copyright Archives ACM)

1975: The Rally Starts Again

As the French Prime Minister Pierre Mesmer decides in the autumn of 1973 to ban car competitions on the road, the Rally only resumes in 1975.

5 routes

The organizers make more difficult the concentration run which affects the number of subscriptions, barely a hundred respond to their expectations and the number of official manufacturers’teams is also down. By contrast the Rally’s sporting element is very rich : much more specials renewed and the additional course has been shortened by 550 km.

Registered : 115 -Started : 96 -Ranked : 43

Winners of the 43rd Edition Overall Ranking: First Sandro Munari co-driver Mario Mannucci on a Lancia Stratos , start from Monte-Carlo


cf Video:

Sandro Munari, Silvio Maiga , Lancia Stratos ( Copyright Archives ACM)

21 Days, online the 01/05/2020

1973: The “Burle” Survivors

The “Burke” blows  the snow everywhere . The organizers are cancelling the last special in Lantosqu , the 51 cars still in the Rally can take the most direct route to Principality. A press release offers to those who were disqualified free subscription for next year .  270 teams start but only 51 will be qualified on the Overall ranking.

9 routes

The concentration’s run is reduced at 1.200 km, the teams will have an extra day to rest. The 17 km long Corobin Pass race special take place at the end of concentration run. The Renault-Alpines leave from Monte-Carlo so they can be the first to go through

Registered : 305 -Started : 270 -Ranked  :51

Winners of the 42nd  Edition Overall  ranking: First Jean-Claude Andruet, co-driver Michelle Espinosi “Biche ” on a Alpine Renault A110 1.800, start from Monte-Carlo

Ladies’ Cup : First Mme Osterberg  co-driver Mme Inga-Lill Edenring on a Opel Ascona , start from Frankfurt.

Jean-Claude Andruet , co-driver “Petite Biche ” on a Alpine Renault A110 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


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1972: Alone Against All

A victory in Monte-Carlo is priceless . Sandro Munari knows it, so he struggled so hard, alone against everyone else, showing magnificent courage and determination. No one will reproach him anything.

9 routes

The sun shines in the Ardèche but Radio Monte-Carlo, warned by an hotelier in Antraigues, sounds the alarm. The “burle” , a strong wind  which can create huge snow drifts in less than two minutes, has started to get up. After Moulinon the pilotes will pass from dry tarmac to a 20 cm thick carpet of snow. The powdery snow, blowns by the wind, blinds the drivers, changes the lie of the land  and hides traps. Snow covers everything. The relentless wind rips out telephone lines and electricity cables. Deprived of light and communication, the Ardèche becomes a legend. Only Radio Monte-Carlo manages to transmit. The teams continue their assault on the circuit. Sandro Munari does wonders. Intuition, that sixth sense that only great champions have, and above all their calmness are what count now. The concentration race and the specials have thinned out the ranks : only 34 teams will be classified !

Registered :  292 -Started : 24 2-Ranked : 34

Winners of the  41 st Edition Overall Ranking s : First Sandro Munari , co-driver Mario Mannucci on a Lancia Fulvia HF , start from Almeria.

Ladies’ Cup : First and 10th at the Overall Ranking: Mme Pat Moss Carlsson  co-driver Elizabeth Crellin on a Alpine Renault A110 , start from Reims.Pat Moss win hers 8th Ladies ‘ Cup.

Pat Moss Carlsson compliments Sandro Munari and Mario Mannucci ( Copyright Archives ACM)


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1971: Triumph of Alpine-Renault A110 

Many teams head from the Moroccan capital. Lisbon is sacrificed to the benefit of Marrakech. Féret, race boss at Alpine-Renault, has signed up a armada of six official “Berlinettes”. Féret’s choice was dictated  by a practical consideration : in the final stage, from Rouaine to Miolans Bridge, overtaking is always difficult…and yet those pilotes who started from Marrakech will be passing through first!

10 routes

At the end of common route five drivers are still in competition to win : Andersson first, Andrieu at 31 seconds, Thérier at 40”, Waldegaard at  66” and Munari at three minutes and twenty two seconds. After the mountain cours and at the end of the specials only 22 cars finish …of 224  started ! Among them, is the tiny Autobianchi A112 driven by Dubos, who was doing his first Rally . Regroupes in their ranking order the three Alpine-Renault-Elfs enter in  Monaco triumphant with a third place Ex-Æquo

Registered : 253 -Started : 224 -Ranked: 30

Winner of the 40th Edition. Overall Ranking : First Ove Andersson , co-driver David Stone on a Alpine Renault A110 start from Marrakech

Ladies’ Cup: First Mlle Hannelore Werner, co-driver Oda Dencker-Andersen on a B.M.W. 2002 TI , start from Marrakech.

Ove Andersson  ans David Stone, Alpine Renault 110 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


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??Björn Waldegaard 1969 and 1970

1970 : Take The Same And Start Again

At Porsche the official drivers are the same. All the tipsters are not placing their bets on Germany’s chances.  A new element has crept in : the birth of the Renault Alpine 1600. As easy to handle as the previous model, it now has more power. Once again Porsche manages the double, with the same drivers as last year: 1st Waldegaard Porsche 911, 2nd Larrousse Porsche 911 S. Third place , like in 1969, belongs to Renault Alpine who has fought strongly.

9 routes

Registered : 222 -Started : 194 -Ranked : 77

Winner of the 39th  Edition. Overall Ranking : First  Björn Waldegaard , co-driver Lars Helmér  on a Porshe 911 S , start from Oslo

Ladies’Cup: First Mme  Marie-Claude Charmasson, alias Marie-Claude Beaumont, co-driver Mlle Martine de la Grandive driving a Opel,  start from Reims. Marie-Claude Charmasson adopted the nickname Marie-Claude Beaumont ( her’s mother family last name ) when, on April 1964, she leaves Citroën to compete with Lancia not to bring injury to her father.

Björn Waldegaard , Lars Helmér Porshe 911 S  ( Copyright Archives ACM)


1969 : Mediterranean Rally.

The Grenoble region, now free of the Winter Olympics, is again accessible for the common rout e: Monaco-Vals les Bains-Chambéry-Monaco. A separate ranking is reserved  for “amateurs” and a parallel “Mediterranean Rally” is created for sport cars, GT cars and prototype sport cars: 15 drivers sign up, including Beltoise, Pescarolo , Jabouille and the Italian Sandro Munari .

8 routes

Registered : 210 -Started : 183 -Ranked : 44

Winner of the 38th  Edition. Overall Ranking : First  Björn Waldegaard , co-driver Lars Helmér   on a Porshe 911 S , start from Warsaw

Ladies’Cup: First Mme Pat Moss Carlsson , co-driver Mlle Elysabeth Nystrom on a Lancia Fulvia , star from Monte-Carlo . Pat Moss Carlsson win her seventh Ladies’Cup !

Björn Waldegaard , Lars Helmér Porshe 911 S  ( Copyright Archives ACM)


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1968: Overall Ranking : Scratch

The organizers were worried about the feasibility of the event because they were not at all reassured about the gasoline supply: indeed in France the strikers had locked access to refineries! Monaco being a sovereign country with protected territorial waters, a few days before the start of the tests, a boat flying the Italian flag, with a fuel tank on board, positioned itself in front of the port and the fuel problems were resolved!

The Overall Ranking will be a scratch one. Monaco is against tradition and ops for a pure, tough sporting event . For the first time the organisation discovers the telephone: the rally is therefore much more exiting and the press profits from rapidly received updates throughout the concentration run

8 routes

The common route goes to Vals-les-Bains exploring Ardèche, skirting round Grenoble as the Winter Olympics will open few days after the Rally has gone through…the risks are too great and the security is the most important factor.

Registered : 231 -Started : 200 -Ranked : 79

Winners of the 37th  Edition Overall  ranking : First  Vic Elford , co-driver David Stone on a Porsche 911 , start from Warsaw

Ladies’ Cup : First Mme Pat Moss Carlsson co-driver Mlle Nystrom on a Lancia , start from Monte-Carlo .

Vic Elford , co-driver David Stone on a Porsche 911 ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf Video ? Rally:


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1967 : Maxi Mini Act Three . The English Are Back in Force.

The new regulations include a completely new clause. A category is created where the use of studded tyres is limited to only two sets, throughout the Rally. The cars will be stamped on the roof and the tyres marked. The use of more tyres corresponds at a penalty of 12%.

8 routes

Registered :  231 -Started : 195 -Ranked : 92

The pilote Chemin sets off with a surprising co-driver : the singer Johnny Halliday. The drivers who rubbed shoulders with him are unanimous: Halliday is a great guy, a good driver . Unfortunately stewards find too many tyres in the boot at the Monaco checkpoint: Chemin and Halliday are disqualified!

Winners of the  36th Edition Overall Ranking  : First Rauno Aaltonen ,  co-driver Henry Liddon on a  Mini Cooper S , start from Monte-Carlo . Once again the Mini claim victory! Will this trend continue?

Ladies’ Cup : First Mme Sylvia Osterberg , co-driver Mme Ingalill Edenring on a Renault start from Reims.

Rauno Aaltonen and Henry Liddon, Mini Cooper S ( Copyright Archives ACM)

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1966 : « Monte Bars Britain’s 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . »

9 routes

The concentration run routes are extended all the way until to the Principality, the following day a common route, of 1.437 km,  Monaco-Chambery-Monaco will be the first qualifier. At the finish in Monaco the cars are meticulously checked by the technical commissioners. Complaints are being  directed at the event through the French police. Brave tourists have been frightened by Rally’s cars,  their white headlights were blinding them and the dipped headlights were too powerful. The scandal erupts: ten cars, including the four winners, have been disqualified because their lights were not conform. The excluded were : Timo Mäkinen  Rauno Aaltonen, Paddy Hopkirk and Roger Clark. The English and Scandinavians protest strongly. The Daily Mail’s headline, over six columns, titled  “ Monte Bars Britons 1-2-3-4”

Registered : 244 -Started: 192 -Ranked : 71

Winner of the 35th Edition. Overall Ranking : First  Pauli, Pali Toivonen , co-driver Ensio Mikander in a Citroën DS21 , start from Oslo.

Ladies’ Cup: First Mlle Lucette Pointet  (she will married Jean-Claude Ogier) co-driver Mlle Françoise Houillon driving a Citroen DS21 , start from Lisbone.

Pauli , Pali Toivonen , Ensio Mikander Citroën DS21  ( Copyright Archives ACM)


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1965: Max Mini Act Two

 The trial on the circuit is canceled and replaced by a 610 km mountain circuit in which only the 120 best  drivers will compete, the survivors from the long common route of 818 km

9 routes

Registered : 275 -Started : 237 -Ranked : 35

Winner of the 34th Edition. Overall Ranking : First Timo Mäkinen co-driver Paul Easter on a Mini Cooper S , start from Stockholm

Ladies’Cup: First Mme Pat Moss Carlsson Mlle Elysabeth Nystrom driving a Saab, start from Frankfurt. Pat Carlsson, who continues to compete under the name of Pat Moss, picks up her fifth Ladies’ Cup. It was her seven appearances. On this 34th Edition she climbs to the third place in the Overall ranking.

Timo Makinen and Paul Easter driving a  Mini Cooper S  ( Copyright Archives ACM)



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1964: Max Mini Act One

9 routes

Registered: 342-Started:299-Ranked:163

The unusual length of the common route is a result of new regulations from the International Sport Commission. The ISC has set a minimum distance of 1.000 kilometers for a rally to be eligible in the European Championship. The distance to join Monaco will be 1.400 km but the total mileage is almost unchanged. The traditional race on the circuit will bring together the 120 best winners from the common route, divided into groups of four cars timed over three laps. They will not apply the handicap. As the list of the 120, who have qualified for the circuit, is being announced everyone is admiring a man who has really fought like a lion : the Irish pilote Paddy Hopkirk who , marvelously served by the incredible road-holding capacity of his car  Mini Cooper S , only conceded one minute and 28 seconds ! He will be at the top of the Overall ranking .

Winners of the 33rd Edition . Overall  ranking : First Paddy Hopkirk , co-driver Henry Liddon on a  Mini Cooper S ,  start  from Minsk

Ladies’ Cup : First  and Fifth of the Overall Ranking Mme Patricia Ann Moss  Carlsson ( Stirling Moss‘s sister , star of Formule 1) co-driver Mlle Ursula Wirth on a Sunbeam, start from  Oslo .
Pat Moss is now Pat Carlsson , but she continues to compete under her maiden name .

Paddy Hopkirk and Henry Liddon, on a Mini Cooper at the Rallye Monte Carlo 1964 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


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1963 : Very Few Cars Drop Out

Thirteen cars start from Athens.  A sever snowstorm is raging  from Macedonia across Yugoslavia, they cannot even send rescue vehicles in to help. From Frankfurt, all the roads are icy : 13 cars disappear from the Rally in the first few hours. Conditions are hardly, any better,  in England and a succession of cars come off the road, before Dover. From Paris Pat Moss’car  finishes off in Lure, she doesn’t attempt at her fourth Ladies’Cup ! From Chambéry, start of the common route, many cars are spinning of the road. Same thing happens in the route from Monaco. The usually doubtful routes, from Stockholm and Warsaw are the only ones to present no trouble at all. About 100 cars did not have the pleasure of seeing Monte-Carlo.

8 routes

Registered : 341 -Started : 296 -Ranked : 96

Winners of the  32nd Edition Overall Ranking all categories : First Erik Carlsson , co-driver Gunnar Palm on a Saab 96 Sport , start from Stockholm .

Ladies’ Cup : First Mme Ewy Rosqvist  , co-driver Mlle Ursula Wirth  on a Mercedes , start from Stockholm.

Erik Carlsson and his co-driver Gunnar Palm , Saab 96 Sport (Copyright Archives ACM)


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1962 : Eric Potaket ?

The start of the common route is moved to Chambéry . In Monaco once again every one is  awaiting the official ranking : 120 drivers are called to compete on the circuit . Erik Carlsson , who is firmly in the lead ahead of Eugen Bohringer, he was named “Eric Potaket” meaning “Eric on the Top” in memory of his debuts . The German driver Bohringer will arrive second . Only a gap of barely 12 seconds ! Eric Carlsson’s first Monte-Carlo victory is also a first for Sweden and the Swedish car industry. Pat Moss receives her third Ladies Cup and, like a happy end in an American film, rumors start circulating that Eric and Pat are engaged !

8 routes

Registered : 351 -Started : 313 -Ranked : 247

Winner of the 31st  Edition. Overall Ranking : First Erik Carlsson co-driver Gunnar Haggbom on a Saab 96 , start from Oslo

Ladies’ Cup: First Mlle Patricia Ann Moss ( Stirling Moss‘s sister , star of Formule 1) copilote Anne Marie Wisdom on a Sunbeam, start from  Oslo

Erik Carlsson co-driver Gunnar Haggbom on a Saab 96 ( Copyright Archives ACM)

cf 1962 Video’s Rally

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1961: The Handicap System

For the first time there are a special average timed, stages on manned routes . The handicaps favour the small engine car of less than 1.000 cm3 and the very heavy vehicles. Eric Carlsson starts in a Saab Break with an handicap more favourable  than that of a sedan car of the same brand. In the special stages at the end of concentration run, it turns into a royal battle between the two liter engines and the GT cars.

8 routes

Registered : 346 -Started : 305 -Ranked : 155

Winner of the 30th  Edition. Overall Ranking : First Maurice Martin Roger Bateau sur Phanard-Tigre PL 17 , start from Monte-Carlo

Ladies’Cup: First Mme Ann Hall , co-driver Mlle Valerie Domleo on a Ford Anglia 105E , start from Paris

Maurice Martin Roger Bateau sur Phanard-Tigre PL 17 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


33 Days, online the 12/24/2019

1960: Madness in Monte-Carlo

A common route at a set speed between Chambéry and Monaco , then a classification stage on a Monaco-Monaco circuit of 650 kilometers . Restricted to the top 90 finishers after the concentration run, the circuit consists in a loop that drivers will cover twice. The hills behind Nice will provide the setting for the final showdown. At the start of the classification stage , the Barbier-Margo team, one of nine non-penalized teams the day before, is abruptly disqualified due to 600 penalty points, derived from who knows where. The two men fiercely protest. The organizers refuse to listen to them, then, under pressure from journalists, they agree to show Barbier-Margo the relevant stewards’reports. They note that Barbier-Margo are in fact at zero! Somebody has made a mistake in reading the lines on which the total of all competitors were calculated. It’s a shame :  the others pilotes left a long time ago and nothing can make up for the grave injustice done to Barbier- Margo. Madness….

9 routes

Registered : 345 -Started : 298 -Ranked : 149

Winners of the 29th Edition . Overall  ranking all categories: First Walter Schock , co-driver Rolf Moll on a Mercedes 220 SE, start from Warsaw 3.625 km

Ladies’ Cup : First Mlle Patricia Ann Moss (  Stirling Moss’s sister, a   star of Formule 1) , co-driver Ann Marie Wisdom in a Austin A40. Start from Oslo 3.526 km.

Walter Schock / Rolf Moll , Mercedes 220 SE ( Copyright Archives ACM)


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1959: When the Dynamo Goes..

Few cars escape without some mechanical problem. Many dynamos fail, as drivers have fitted fog lights, long range lights, two de-icers, electric lights for reading maps, cigarette lighter in addition to normal headlights. If used indiscriminately those accessories really need a more robust dynamo! The pilote Coltelloni did not fall into the trap. He did not push his dynamo to the limit . He arrives in Monaco as the winner.

9 routes

New names, which will later become famous,  make an apparence . Champions from other disciplines are increasingly interested in the Rally. This year the popular skier Henri Oreiller starts the race in a Citroën ID 19. A bombshell drops a few days before departure. Renault will not officially participate in the Rally, bound by its early commitment to the Ivory Coast . The company is sorry but it is not able to take part in the Principality‘ s event.

Registered : 360 -Started : 322 -Ranked : 186

Winners of the  28th Edition Overall Ranking all categories : First Paul Coltelloni with Claude Desroziers and Pierre Alexandre, called Alec, driving a Citroën ID 19. Start from Paris, 3.431 km.

Ladies’ Cup : First and 10th in the overall ranking Mlle Patricia Ann Moss (  Stirling Moss‘s sister, a Formule 1 star ) and Ann Marie  Wisdom on a Austin A40 Car 208, start from Paris 3.431 km.

Citroën ID 19 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


35 Days online 12/22/2019

1958: The Recovery   

In 1957 the Rally is cancelled because of the fall-out from the Suez Canal affair, who affect life across the whole Europe. Restrictions are in a full swing : there is no question of unleashing a group of cars that would consume the precious black gold in pursuits of a simple sporting title. This forced interruption  bodes well for the organizers in Monaco, who find the time to write new rules governing the Rally itself, simple and precise, nearly everyone votes for them. The traditional final tests are to disappear, leaving just the course itself. The Contest of Confort and the Contest of Acceleration-Braking will be only open to competitors who wish to take part in them after the finish.

8 routes

Registered : 342 -Started : 303 -Ranked : 59

Winner of the 27th  Edition. Overall Ranking : First Jacques Féret ,  co-driver  Guy Monraisse on a Renault Dauphine Spéciale model 1091, start from Lisbon , 2.873 km

Ladies’ Cup: First Mme Madeleine Blanchoud , co-driver  Renée Wagner on a Alfa Romeo , start from  Lisbon , 2.873 km.

Jacques Féret ,  Guy Monraisse Renault Dauphine Spéciale (Copyright Archives ACM)


36 Days, online the 12/21/2019

1956 : Check Without Mate

Registrations are not coming in, numbers remain steady. The usual suspects are to be found at the start, the Rally no longer attracts new talent, performances hardly seem to count, obscured by onerous penalties levied for breaking regulations, which make no sense to modern day drivers. Big disappointment: the regulations change yet again. All the competitors will gather in Paris to criticize the controlled speed descent to Monaco. This is the biggest failure in the Rally’s history 

7 routes

Registered: 351 -Started : 309 -Ranked : 226

Winners of the 26th Edition . Overall  ranking all categories: First Ronnie J. Adams on a Jaguar Mk V11  co-driver Frank E. Bigger, start from Glasgow 3.082 km

Ladies’ Cup : First Mme  Madeleine Madeleine Blanchoud co-driver Mme Lucienne Alziary de Rochefort  on a Porshe 356, start from Lisbon 3.092 km.

Ronnie J. Adams , Frank E. Bigger on a Jaguar Mk V11( Copyright Archives ACM)


-37 Days online 12/20/2019

1955: The Modern Rally Takes Shape

It must be put right, without delay, to restore the shine on a event being attacked from all sides : the news regulations promise an exiting Rally! All routes will come together in Gap. From there the column heads for Monaco via a route which will be handed out, at the start in Gap. The common route is designed to separate out a list of the top 100 drivers who will be the only ones allowed to compete in a second test: the acceleration-braking test alongside a line of cones. Anyone who knocks over , even one single cone, will be disqualified. Only the  80 best times will be eligible to compete in further trial : the “ mountain stage”, an event maintained up to the present. Those who will have triumphed over all these difficulties will compete, one last time, on the Monaco circuit. They must  complete five laps and the best one of these will be used in Overall ranking.

8 routes

Registered : 362 -Started : 319 -Ranked : 271

Winner of the 25th  Edition. Overall Ranking : First Per Malling , co-driver Gunnar Fadum on a SunbeamTalbotMk III 90 classe 1, start from Oslo 2.930 km

Ladies’ Cup: First Mme Sheila van Damm, co-driver Anne Hall on a Sunbeam MK III, start from  Oslo , 2.930 km.

SunbeamTalbotMk III 90 classe 1( Copyright Archives ACM)


38 Days, online the 12/19/2019

1954: End Of An Era

8 routes

Registered : 404 -Started : 359 -Ranked : 329

Each driver will have to settle on the average that they will respect throughout the event, within a range of 45 to 65 km/h. To avoid subsequent complaints by competitors, the average achieved on the second section, the Lèques Pass, will serve as a point of reference. The acceleration-braking  test is scrapped and replaced by a speed trial that will be held on a circuit in Monaco.

Winners of the 24th  edition. Overall Ranking ( all categories): First Louis Chiron ( Bugatti Chiron  is made on his name ) and co-driver Ciro Basadonna on Lancia Aurelia B 20 GT, start from Monte-Carlo 3.288 km.
The pilote Houel lodges a protest about Chiron’s Lancia to higher authorities in the car racing fraternity. The official ranking cannot be upheld. For the first time ever, the victory parade and prize-giving are cancelled. Ten month later Louis Chiron is confirmed as the winner. A Monegasque has finally won the Rally!

Ladies’ Cup : First Mme Madeleine Pochon on a Renault 4 CV starts from Lisbon 3.348 km.

Louis Chiron -Ciro Basadonna, Lancia Aurelia B 20 GT ( Copyright Archives ACM)


39 Days, online 12/18/2019

1953: Game of Skittles

7 routes

The Rally attracts competitors from far away countries: from Madagascar, from Egypt , from Phnom-Penh in Cambodia.

Registered : 442 -Started : 404 -Ranked : 346

Indeed bad weather does not always plague the Rally : 346 cars return to Monaco, 253 of them without penalties. Too many finish. It will be up to the acceleration-breaking test, to decide who will compete on the Braus Pass circuit.  Everywhere  it’s a leitmotiv: “We reach Monaco without a penalty. We travelled over 5.000 kilometers …and are eliminated by a hair’s breadth. What a disappointment.”. It is the car handling test on the quai in Monaco which makes the difference. The press is highly critical reporting that 155 competitors, who have covered 3.300 km, are eliminated in a contest that is no more  than a “game of skittles “.

Winner of the 23rd Edition. Overall Ranking : First Maurice ( Maus) Gatsonides (driver and inventor ) , co-driver Peter Worledge on a Ford Zephyr Six, start from Monte-Carlo 3.369 km.

Ladies’ Cup: First Mme Pochon , co-driver Mme Terray driving a baby Renault  start from  Lisbon , 3.356 km

Maurice Gatsonides et Peter Worledge, Ford Zephyr Six ( Copyright Archives ACM)


-40 Days online 12/17/2019

1952: Success Continues Unabated

The Prize of a Million Francs for the Winner is Probably Well Known !

7 routes

In Paris 309 competitors are checked in , the tables are covered in dishes each one more succulent than the next. The Automobile Club has mobilised dozen of motorbikes, each one responsible for a team at Porte de la Villette to lead them to Place de l’Étoile. Baskets laden with souvenirs and alcohol are on offer.The prefect of Seine orders the Eiffel Tower to be lit up as night falls, it is magical !!! An unusual  scene, so soon after the war. At Bourges, where the routes converge before tackling the descent to Monaco, the town has lit up its cathedral , with the help of a well know light manufacturer, not to be outdone by the capital …sponsorship is on the market . A big surprise waits competitors on the last morning: the Principality is drowning in a deluge of sleet and melted snow. As soon they leave Monaco the road is covered in a thick white carpet…it is forbidden to deflate the tyres to improve traction!

Registered : 369 -Started : 328 -Ranked : 162

Winners of the 22nd edition. Overall Ranking ( all categories): First Sydney Herbert Allard and his co-driver Guy Warburton  and navigator Tom Lush.
Driving a
Allard P1 J2 Sport , of his own manufacture from Glasgow, 3.275 km. The P1 was powered by a 4,375 c.c. Ford V8 side-valve motor.

Ladies’ Cup : First Miss Greta Molander , co-driver  Helga Lundberg on a Saab 92 start from Stockholm 3.291 km.

Allard P1 J2 Sport ( Copyright Archives ACM)


41 Days online 12/16/2019

1951: The Impossible Restriction

The rule is limiting the number of entrants by nationality. The list is drawn up taking into account the representation of each country in previous editions .All the routes wil converge at Bourges . The 17th km regularity trial is withdrawn and the acceleration-braking test retained. The former is replaced with a regularity-speed trial : competitors will do four laps on the Grand Prix circuit in Monaco.

6 routes

Registered:362-Started: 337-Ranked 282

Winner of the 21th Edition. Overall Ranking :  Jean Trévoux and his copilote Roger Crovetto driving a Delahaye 175-S starts from  Lisbon the  23th  January , 3.270km.

Jealous competitors lodge protests : they claim that the camshaft and crankshaft of the winning car are not standard. Trevoux and Crovetto allow their car to be dismantled with good grace. The car is fully compliant and the driver’s fourth victory is not subjected to any further challenges.

Ladies’ Cup: First Mlle Fernande Hustinx et Mme Francois Sigrand sur Peugeot 203 départ de  Lisbonne , 3.270 km

Jean Trévoux and Roger Crovetto( Copyright Archives ACM)


-42 Days online 12/15/2019

1939 : The Killer Storm

6 routes

For the first time the Rally is placed under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Rainier III who acceded to the trone on 9 May 1949.

There are two changes to the regulations, only drivers with no road penalties will be allowed to compete in the regularity trial and they bring back the acceleration-breaking test.

Registered:310-Started: 282 Ranked 136

Winner of the 20th Edition. Overall Ranking :  Marcel Becquart co-driver Henri Secret driving a Hotchkiss 686 GS no 23) starts from Lisbon thé 22th jannuay, 3.140 km

Ladies’Cup: First Mmes Germanie Rouault , co-driver Régine Gordine, sur Simca-GordiniTMM 1 100 cm3 starts from Monte-Carlo, 3.103 km.

Marcel Becquart / Henri Secret   ( Copyright Archives ACM)


-43 Days online 12/14/2019

1949 : Renaissance and succes

7 routes 

Registered:230-Started: 186-Ranked 167

Europe is slowly recovering from the terrible 1939-1945 conflict. There is strict petrol rationing, the Iron Curtain prevents several capital cities which took part in this famous race from entering. In 1948 by Anthony Noghès new regulations are prepared to ensure the Rally. The basic concept is retained : the official circuit will leave and return to  Monaco, but to avoid those living in far-off countries having to make a long trip to start the race six towns in Europe are selected to head up the routes .Between them, for the first time,  Florence in Italy . The average is set at 50 km/h. The day after the finish, competitors  will be subjected to an additional test. The Comfort Competition remains unchanged.

Winner of the 18th Edition. Overall Ranking :Jean Trévoux and his co-driver Marcel Lesurque on a  Hotchkiss 686 GS Riviera, 3485cc starts from Lisbonne , 3.141 km.

Ladies’ Cup: First Countess Gravin Van Limburg Stirum driving a Ford V8 22CV, 3917cc,  copilote Miss Van Vredenburgh. Starts from Monte-Carlo 3.096 km.

Jean Trévoux and his copilote Marcel Lesurque ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-44 Days online 12/13/2019

1939 : The Double. For the first time in its  history , and probably the last, the Rally crowns two winners!

In a fearful Europe, borders are shifting and the organizers are flexible

8 routes

Registered:151-Started: 121-Ranked 100

Notice : 22 teams took the double option that depended on the weather so there were in fact 129 entries

Winner of the 18th Edition. Overall Ranking ( all categories): Ex-Aequo 1st Jean Trévoux and his co-driver Marcel Lesurque on a  Hotchkiss 686 GS Riviera 3485 cm3,  starts from Athens , 3.773 km. Trévaux leaves Athens in a bad way with a temperature of 39 degrees and Lesurque drives more often than him in the first stage .

ex-Æquo 1st : Joseph Paul and his co-driver Marcel Contet on a Delahaye 135 M 3557 cm3, starts from Athenes 3773 km

Ranking Categorie 2  :  1st  Amedeo Gordini and his copilote José Scaron driving a Simca 8 , starts from Athenes 3773 km

Ladies’ Cup: First Mrs Simon  and her copilote Mrs Suzanne Largelot driving a Hotchkiss starts from Athenes 3773 km .

Ex Aequo : Jean Trévoux , Marcel Lesurque  ( Copyright Archives ACM )


45 Days online 12/12/2019

1938 : Rumors And False Rumors

Registered:164-Started: 131-Ranked:93

8 routes

Rally’s regulation “dover” : vehicles must be production cars, of normal construction and one of a minimum of 30 identical chassis . The final rum down the Rhône Valley and the Estérel is removed, having been strongly criticized for being dangerous with too many trucks between. It is replaced by an Alpine route during the night. From Lyon competitors will head for Grenoble and take the route Napoleon 

Winner of the 17th Edition. General Ranking ( all categories): First Gerard Bakker Schut and his copilote Karel Ton ( Team Ford in Europe) driving a Ford V8, starts from Athens , 3.813 km

Ranking Category 2  :  First Gaston Descollas with his wife Claire Mancis driving  Lancia Aprilia n°74 ( category 1500 cm3) 8th  at the Overall Ranking

Ladies’ Cup: First Mrs Germaine Rouault and her copilote Mrs Suzanne Largeot driving a Matford ,  7th at Overall Rancking.

Gerard Bakker Schut Ford Europa Team ( Copyright Archives ACM)


46 Days

1937  : The Sound And The Fury

12 routes. Once again six main routes are put on an equal footing , with 500 points each at the start.

The averages are again set at 40km/h at the start and 50 km/h for the final 1.000 km.To be sure the organizers set up a well camouflage  speed control and some equally well disguised spot checks. The emphasis is increasingly on this being a road rally so checkpoint will never be within a 5 km radius of towns or villages…it’s the birth of a propor common route, which is still the backbone of the Monte-Carlo Rally. The day before the arrival a massive storm blocks the Var route.  The monegasque president Anthony Noghès  and his friends call in all their favors with the bridges and roads authorities who pull out all the stops to get traffics going again just in time.

In the confusion a Dutch invention presented in the Comfort Competition passes unnoticed : a system of notched pulleys attached to the driveshaft, linked to a dual in the cab, which showed the driver how far off the average speed he was at any given time….the ancestor of the speed-pilot !

Registered: 137-Started:121-Ranked: 81

Winners of the XVth Edition. 1st René Le Bègue , copilote Julio Quinlin driving  a  Delahaye 135 MS. Starts from Stavanger 3.702 km

Ladies’Cup :first Mme Greta Molander driving a Chrysler-Plymouth, starts from Umea 3.814 km.

René Le Bègue and copilote  Julio  Quinlin on  Delahaye 135 MS ( Copyright Archives ACM)


47 Days

1936  : The Inventors Heyday

Petre Cristèa ,  Ion Zamfirescu’s co-driver is using a locking system on both wheels and a handbrake without ratchet than can be let off in a flash the moment the driver lets go of it . As a result he is able to slew the car round at 180 degrees and gain time on the bends.
The test “ start-stop-turn” is win in 1’5”

12 routes

In a bold move the average is fixed at 55 km/h for the last 1.000 km. By contrast the ceiling is set at 60 km/h, the penalty for exceeding It bringue instant disqualification. The rules governing the mechanics of the car are toughened up in a big way : they will have to keep the same dimension  of tyres throughout the Rally. In a uncertain Europe , where rumors of the popular front and the rise of nazism make bad filling . Both Germany and Italy ban foreign exchange out of the country and there is a very strict quota system on fuel purchases. ”Compared to last year  40% have defected “

Registered: 110-Started:81-Ranked: 72

Winners of the XVth Edition. 1st engineer Ion Zamfirescu , copilote  Petre G. Cristea driving a  Ford V8 Spécial. Starts from Athenes 3.868 km

Ladies’ Cup : 1st Mrs Marinovitch, copilote Mrs Hellé-Nice born Mrs Mariette Hélène Delangle , French model and dancer , both driving a  Matford Car , starts from Tallin 4.000 km.

Ion Zamfirescu’s co-driver  Petre G. Cristea in front their car  Ford V8 Special. ( Copyright Archives ACM)


-48 Days

1935  : Injuries and Bumps

It’s a bad year for the ladies: many accidents

Registered: 170-Started:148-Ranked: 103

Rally starts from 14  towns.

The rules formalize the setting up of an enclosure where the cars will be parked on their arrival in Monte-Carlo and from which they can only leave to take part in the  two tests that will determine the final ranking: the “ cold start “ and the “ start-stop-turn”. As they cannot be sure that the more crafty ones will not venture out in the dead of night to make some little adjustments they seal  the car’s bonnets as they enter the enclosure. They are beginning to privilege timed performance without forgetting the GT, grand tourisme . “The Rally is like a match between the regulations which set up a string of obstacles and the virtuosity of the drivers who overcome them.”

Winner of the 14th Edition. Overall Ranking : Charles Lahaye , copilote René Quatresous driving  Renault Nerva Grand Sport5400 8 cylindres, cabriolet ‘Spéciale’ . Starts from Stavanger the January 19th ,  3.700 km

Ladies’ Cup: First Mrs Marinovitch, copilote Mrs Lamberjack driving a Ford starts from Palermo  4.072 Km .

Charles Lahaye , copilote René Quatresous driving  Renault Nerva Grand Sport540

-49 Days

1934 : A Little Flexibility

Registered: 161, Started:148-Ranked: 114

19 departure city, 4 convergence routes

It is accepted that if defeated by bad weather teams will be able to divert to a more accessible route , but it will cost up to 50 penalty points. The overall average speed remain fixed at 40 km/h, but is increased to 50 km/h on the last 1.000 km of each of the four convergence routes where competitors will driving one behind the other .

Winners of the 13th Edition. Overall Ranking all categories: 1st Louis Gas , copilote Jean Trèvoux driving a Hotchkiss AM80 S six cylinders .Starts from Athenes 3786 km

Ladies’ Cup: 1st Mrs Fernandez Hustinx, copilote Simone Louise de Forest ( one of the first woman in France to get driving license at 19 years old) .  Driving a Peugeot 301. Starts from Bucarest 3.772 km. Mrs Hustinx add a new oil to his engine , Spidoleine , just to prevented damage by frost

Louis Gas who will prove to be a finest driver in the first Tie-breaker to be timed to 100th of a second
( Copyright Archives ACM)

-50 Days


1933: Balancing The Routes

Registered: 129, Started:109-Ranked: 71

12 routes

For this year onwards a better balance between the routes starts to take shape, paving the way for the modern formula that will be used up to 1997. They decide to allocate a quota of points at the starts , which will take into account not only distance but also the challenges faced by participants. The Greek capital therefore receives the highest score of 1.000 points ! Seals will be affixed to the engine and chassis and their absence on arrival will result in disqualification.

Winners of the 12th Edition. Overall Ranking all categories: 1st Maurice Vasselle driving a Hotchkiss AM80 S six cylinders , equipped with grist-stone grille. Starts from Tallin 3780 km

Ladies’ Cup: 1st mrs Marguerite Mareuse et Miss Louise Lambertjack on Peugeot 391, 1.461 cm3. 13th at Overall Ranking. Starts from Tallin, 3.780 km

Maurice Vasselle 1933 Rally First on Hotchkiss AM80 S six cylinders ( Copyright Archives  ACM)

1932 : Inflexible Flexibility !

Registered: 117-Started:93-Ranked:64

19 routes

The regulations will only eat minor modifications. The average is set at 38 per hour for small vehicles and 43 for the others . From 1932 Ladies Cup can be won by a female driver only if she has just two passengers on board and under the express condition that no other car is following her : she will have no help at the will !
Winners in the 11th Edition. Overall Ranking Category 1, more than 1.500 cm3: 1st Maurice Vasselle copilote Peugeot driving a Hotchkiss AM2 with an independent tyre system invented by Peugeot . These meant that potholes and bumps could be taken at a faster speed than with a classic system Starts from Umea, Sweden . 3.751 km

Ladies’ Cup : 1st Mrs Morna Lloyd Vaughan, aged 49, driving a Triumph Nine Coupé, copilote Miss Charlotte Nash , med student . Starts from Umea, Sweden. 3.751 km, 3.150 miles. Mrs Vaughan will be the winner even thought, during race, she stopped for 50 minutes , under the rain , to give first aid to some road traffic victims, which delayed her arrival in Monaco . But her efforts were applauded all the more. 6th to Ranking Category 2, light car under 1.500 cm3. Mrs Vaughan will participate at nine Monte-Carlo’s Rally from 1932 till 1952.

1832 Maurice Vasselle 1st on a Hotchkiss AM2 ( Copyright Archives ACM)


51 Days

1931  : An Eternity of Less Than Four Minutes ( Jacques Bignanwill not win the Rally as he arrived at the checkpoint in Strasbourg four minutes after it close.)

Registered: 149-Started:111-Ranked: 62

Rally starts from 27 towns. The name of the departure towns will not be revealed until after the  closing date for entries.

There are only two car’s categories allowed  : those with cylinders up to 1.100 cm3 which must have two passengers and maintain an average speed of 35 km/h , over 38 km/h means elimination . Then there are the more powerful cars with four passengers, although two can be replaced by ballast and which must stick to 40 km/h and not go above 43 km/h. At least time-keeping has made huge strides thanks to Henri Petit and Marc Chauvière : with electric devices times can’t be measured to a hundredth of a second .

Competitions for comfort and photography are again proposed.

Winner of the 10th Edition Car Ranking Category 2, cars over 1.100 cm3 :  Donald Henley driving a Invicta 4467 cm3 engine. Starts from Stavanger ,  3.638 km

Winner of the 10th Edition Light CarRanking Category 1 , light cars less than 1.100 cm3: Leverett on Riley “9” engine 4 cylinder of 60.3 mm., and 95.2 mm. Starts from Stavanger , 3638 km

Ladies’Cup: Category 2: First  Lady Eda Jardine on Lancia starts from  Stavanger   3.638 km

Category 1: First Mrs Jeanne, driving a Rosengart, starts from Stavanger 3.638 Km

Healey on Invicta , winner of 10th Edition ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-52 Days

1930  : The European Web

Registered: 142-Started:127-Ranked: 88

Rally starts from 28 towns. New city names are being added to those with already part of the Rally’s history.The list features the most remote metropolises which tempt the favorites to go all out for victory.

Three classes by cylinder size :less  than 1.500 cm3, less than 3.000 cm3 and over  3.000 cm3.

Winner of the 9th Edition. Overall Ranking : Hector Petit driving a La Licorne 5CV with 904 ccm engine. Starts from Jassy , the further town, 3.518 km

Ladies’Cup: First Mrs Doré (wife of the Franch Speed Champion  1925 Michel Doré) , driving a Chenard a Walcker, starts from Tallin 3.474 Km

This tiny La Licorne of Hector Petit will cover 3.518 km having already been driving  3.000 ketone get to Jassy for the start.( Copyright Archives ACM)

-53 Days

1929 : The Recognition

Registered:106-Started:65-Ranked: 24
Rally starts from 27 towns , 28 different itineraries
Winner of the 8th Edition. Overall Ranking : Doctor Sprenger Van Eijk driving a Graham Paige US de 27CV, 4718 cm3 , starting from Stockholm 2.963 km

Ladies’ Cup: First Mrs Lucy O’Reilly Shell driving a Talbot M67 2L, 2 054 km from Berlin . 8th at Overall ranking.
Everywhere there is snow and  glass, Mrs Shell will congratulated driver Francotte as without him , she and several others would not have figured in the overall ranking. The brave Francotte will be not rewarded for his altruism as he will miss the deadline !

Following suggestions from drivers the regularly test became more rigorous, its length increased to 160 km. Four hidden speed controls will be set up on the course. On each section drivers have to maintain an average spirit at 32 km/h. On the rest of the race the organizers admit that cars are being driving faster and   being boldly taken up to the maximum 43km/h allowed. To confirm the sporting nature of the event the minimum for elimination is fixed at 30km/h. The comfort and photography competitions are retained. The Comfort competition upholds a Monegasque ideal to influence bodywork and interior layout … to progress in the car industry.

Notice: the Monaco Rally as a brother in the Principality as the Grand Prix was born in 1929, but this is an other equally exciting story.

Doctor Sprengen Van Eijk ( copyright Archives ACM)

-54 Days

1927 : The Recovery

Registered: 77-Started:60-Ranked: 47
Rally starts from 25 towns , 26 different itineraries

Winner of the 7th Edition. Overall Ranking : Jacques Lucien Valentin Bignan driving a Fiat 509 990 cm3, starting from Bucarest , 3 030 km

Ladies’ Cup: First Mrs Charlotte Versigny driving a Talbot from Bucarest , third overall, one of the best-ever results for a female driver, to this day.

A new initiative : during the gala dinner was organized a prize for the drivers’photography competition , Miss Brunell won .


Jacques Bignan, Fiat 509 990 cm3 ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-55 Days

1927 : Something Missing

Registered: 65-Started:63-Ranked: 45 

Rally starts from 24 different towns

Winner of the 6th Edition. Overall Ranking :Marcel Lefebvre-Despeaux driving a car Amilcar 7 CV engine  1100 cm3 .
He starts from Koenigsberg with four passengers, 
2.643 Km

Organizers make a drastic decision to cancel all routes starting in Africa , “to prevent some competitors from covering great distance without being up against the maximum of difficulties”

Ladies are formally allowed to participate at the Rally , mrs Mildred Bruce win the Ladies Cup , starting from John o’Groats , 2461 km

Marcel Lefebvre-Despeaux Amilcar 7 CV travelled 2 643 km in 74 Hours and 10 minutes ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-56 Days

1926 : Odd One Out and à Shortage

Registered:44-Started:37 -Ranked: 23

Winner of the 5th Edition Overall Ranking (Cars): First honorable VICTOR AUSTIN BRUCE   in his  Bristol (AUto Carriers Ltd) Tourer 2 Liters  6 cylinders . Starts from John O’Groats 2461 km.

The Sport Automobile et Vélocipèdique de Monaco club agreed to change its name to the Automobile Club de Monaco. The rule are extended to include more obligations: the minimum weight of a driver or passenger is 60 Kg , if one passenger fall ill…they will just tie up a 60kg bag of sand and put that in the car. At the end of the Rally all participants are invited, for the first time , at a Gala dinner . The initiative is highly appreciated.

Bristol AC Tourer of honorable  Victor Austin Bruce ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-57 Days

1925: The Reaction

Registered:48-Started:44-Ranked: 32

Winner of the 4th Edition Overall Ranking (Cars): First François Repusseau ( with his wife and two others passengers )driving a Renault 40CV Type NM 9121 cm3 , starting from Tunis , 4501 km.
The same year François Repusseau  has been knighted , in the National Order of the French Legion of Honor.

Just to Notice : Winner of the main car get 20.000 francs and the cycle-car or mini-car categories get 5.000 francs .

Rules of the Rally are reviewed and rewritten favoring longer distances and number of passengers . By giving  six points  for each passenger, with the ceiling set on 20 points, manufacturers would be encouraged to highlight modern conveniences in their vehicles. Regards the speed, maximum points are earned by driving at an average of 30km/h, including all stops, with cars eliminated for doing 15 km/h or 40 km/h.

François Repusseau in front of his car Renault 40CV ( Copyright Archives ACM)

-58 Days

1924: a Modest Recovery


Winner of the 3rd Edition Overall Ranking: First Jacques Edouard Ledure driving a Bignan , starting from Glasgow , 2006 km

After the Great War the global economy has somehow erased the problems of the past and in Monaco tourism finds its feet again. An “automobile week” was organized March 8th to 15th with a great success . The only time a Rally was organized during springtime. Antony Noghés renames the rally “The Monte-Carlo Automobile Rally”. The major innovation is the inclusion of a regularity trial in the hills behind Monaco which will take place the day after the finish in Monaco . On the 83,5 km course, starting and finishing Monte-Carlo. The principle introduced in 1924 of having to respect a precise speed or risks penalty is used for today’s Historic Monte-Carlo Rally.

Ledure’s Bignan winner of the only Rally to take place in March and probably the least know in the history of the Rally (copyrights Archives ACM)

-59 Days

1912: The  Capitol And The Tarpeian Rock

Registered : 97- Started : 65 -Ranked : 54

Winner of the 2nd Edition Overall Ranking : First JULIUS BEUTLER in a Berliet Limousine 16HP , makes 1700 Km from Berlin to Monaco.

This year there is a pioneer at the wheel: Miss Cabieu in a two-cylinder Lion Peugeot makes Paris to Monaco at an average speed of 32km/h… but women are not officially allowed to compete. Another 14 years will go by before  the Ladies Cup is invented !

Berliet Limousine 16 HP ( copyright Archives ACM)

-60 Days

1911 : A Shaky Start and Stormy Finish

Registered :23- Started :20 -Ranked:18

Ranking for Speed : First HENRY ROUGIER  , famous aviator, win in a Turcat-Méry 25HP, starting 24th January   from Paris Place de la Concorde at 8am .

1020 km , average 36,213 km/h

First Prize : the Prince of Monaco Cup more 10,000 franc in cash

Turcat- Méry 25 HP , Henry Rougier ‘s car


“Have a look  on My Blog : a special countdown to the 88th Monte-Carlo’s  Rally starts from today 27th November till Sunday 26th January 2020. Every day , thanks to the ACM’s Archives,  i’ll post exclusive photos of the winners of this fantastic Rally , starting from the most important race of World Championship in 1911 : the Monte-Carlo’s Rally “


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