International and Eco-sustainable Fashion in the Principality of Monaco🇲🇨 Gareth and Roisin Wittstock with Federica Nardoni Spinetta and Marco Bizzarri pdg Gucci Copyright @MCFW.   The 9th edition of the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week 2021 bad the honour of being held, for the fifth year, running under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Princess Charlène of Monaco. […]


🇬🇧 « In a Jingle jangle morning » or No Such Thing As Forever Bob Dylan and the Never ending Tour, 30 years of pictures 1989-2019 In a jingle-jangle morning, during our current forced seclusion, I received from a dear friend the good news that something , of high artistic value, had happened in the course of this year […]


🇬🇧 Monte-Carlo Film Festival of Comedy. Keeping the Arts Alive ! Under The High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Doesn’t the phrase “ARS Gratia ARTIS” (Latin for “art for art”) appear in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo? The sequence, lasting a few seconds which sees a lion roar in the name of art for […]


2021 the 89th Rallye Monte-Carlo : Ogier sets a new record  The 89th Monte-Carlo Rally took place from 18th to 24th January 2021. 110 years have passed since its first edition. For the first Monte-Carlo Rally, on January 21, 1911, out of twenty-three entries, twenty competitors started from six European cities. During this 2021 edition, […]

1976 Afghanistan

  “Do you need a toilet?” “There’s the very good toilet…..” So much for the very good toilet! It’s a black hole in the ground just in the middle of a field of blossomed potatoes (I really hope nobody offers them to me for dinner…) (the potatoes, I mean!)    We’ve do it! After a six-hour […]

Symbols from Ancient Egypt to Nowadays

The ancient civilisations arisen in the Mediterranean Basin have had common symbols which have crossed every border to diffuse in the whole world. The evolution of human culture, which witness still today with architectonic evidence, began with the age of the Lion to continue with that of Twins, then the one  of Taurus, of Aries, […]

Tales of the Train

There are places which have the power to free  conscience, magical locations where soul can open itself to the world, where people feel  finally free to be themselves. I faced several times long travels by train and I drew the conclusion that this is a space where it spring the necessary condition to free our […]

Pictures of a Fantastic Travel

I took  my dresses in a hurry, double locked  my house’s door and get down trying to reach the station of Alassio in time. It was 07,30 of the first sunday of november and, if the train would  have been punctual, I’d have been in Rome for breakfast time. The next day at 14,10 I […]


If you have hidden, even in distant times,  awkward skeletons in the cupboards is not easy to  follow the phases  of your growth. Facing your own mistakes implies their second reading and to do so you need a solicitation, a starting push that tempts to open the drawers and begin the “spring cleaning”! Reading “El […]

Carpe Diem

Sitting on that dry-stone wall, he was observing his legs dangling over the ground. The sun was warming his back and his body’s warmth was rising up to his nape turning in steam. He was sweating profusely that morning, but he had  non intention to move from his position, as if doing it could mean […]