If you have hidden, even in distant times,  awkward skeletons in the cupboards is not easy to  follow the phases  of your growth. Facing your own mistakes implies their second reading and to do so you need a solicitation, a starting push that tempts to open the drawers and begin the “spring cleaning”! Reading “El […]

Carpe Diem

Sitting on that dry-stone wall, he was observing his legs dangling over the ground. The sun was warming his back and his body’s warmth was rising up to his nape turning in steam. He was sweating profusely that morning, but he had  non intention to move from his position, as if doing it could mean […]

The Go-between

In italian language ‘tramite’ is  synonym of path,  a passage that people shall cover to join two separate realities. Translated in english language it  is ‘go-between’,  the messenger,  even if  the ‘go-between’ it cannot be  identifiable with the image of a Cupid, in the act of shoot love’s darts, but with the mean used by […]

The Labyrinth

This is a bitter story, one of those events that sign a life or that could have had very sad consequences  if I hadn’t managed  to change the turn of events in time.On Channel 5 is on the movie “Billy Elliot” and maybe is so this delicate tale to drive me to write, to put […]

Baba Yaga

There are events and circumstances in those years, the 70s, not yet fully considered that have nevertheless had a great influence in my life’s path.They have been decisive, for better or worse, in creating  a predisposition in me which made it possible for certain  other changes to take place which could otherwise be incomprehensible.This is […]


We need to take a step backward,  make a flashback from the memories of that year, 1974, the year when I had lost my sister Halina, to recover the last episodes of life not yet told. That life that, shortly, would have slipped out of my fingers in the ineluctability of a fate against which […]

A Way of Escape

I ‘d like to have, now, a way of escape to avoid to have to tell the inexpressible part of my life, those episodes that have affected heavily my existence and that little, very little persons know and, even them, don’t know completely. One of them is Carlo, my former husband, that gave ospitality to […]

The Falling Stars

That  ozone layer that wraps  the Earth, our atmosphere, protects our world from the foreign bodies which are compelled to only graze it while, coming from the space, they are falling in the cosmic void.In the midsummer evenings we use to examine the sky trying to glimpse the miracle of a falling  star and we […]


The memory of  the fact happened  can’t follow a prearranged way at will, it remembers thanks to situations that remind events, dates, emotions. It’s difficult to give a logical order  and in the same time truthful to our own past out of this general rule, unless you lie.There are passages in my life that I […]

June 24th: We Can Be Friend!

A buzzing  of  rotor blade fills the air, even the swallows stop their chirping flights: from my strategical position of my sun-bath, on the small terrace at the fifth floor of the Hotel Inghilterra in Rome, I can assist at an epochal event.The fresh conditioning air is waiting for me in my room, the bed […]