The Labyrinth

This is a bitter story, one of those events that sign a life or that could have had very sad consequences  if I hadn’t managed  to change the turn of events in time.
On Channel 5 is on the movie “Billy Elliot” and maybe is so this delicate tale to drive me to write, to put on the paper all the emotions that had recently upset my life.
The main character of the  movie, set in an England troubled by strikes and social struggles, is a child  with gentle feelings that set himself against a world where it is possible to reach some goal only being men hard and void of values…. where money hunt is the only aspiration.
Billy is a sincere boy that only wants to express himself dancing.
He fights his struggle against a false world that feed on insincerity and preconceptions.
Miners who wants to conquer with strength life  opposed to young souls that believe in different  conquests, light years faraway from abuse and deception.
Following on the screen the story interpreted by the young Jamie Pall drive me to reflect, gives me the strenght to open my sorrow, to free it from my body.
Many times, in my life, I’ve found myself in a labyrinth and I’ve look for a way of escape but in doing that I never forgot who was by my side.
After all I’m proud to have ever been  myself, never being a liar  and to have made of truth the best of the virtue. Harry Potter, in his film saga, had tought it to millions of young people, reminding many of those values often forgotten. In the last movie “The Goblet of Fire” the young  aspiring magicians are asked to get through  the proof of the Labyrinth without forgetting their mates  during the carrying out of the way.
The Victory has no value if obtained at price of a friend’s life.
Because you have lost an important part of your own.

 Maat: representing the truth,equity and order in the ancient Egypt’s world

So was happening to my Sasi and the pain I felt in realizing it  made me remind the whole story…to better understand.
Many years ago, in 1991, when I  managed in Monesi the hotel  Redentore,  built by my father  in 1953…many years ago … a young commis presented herself to work, taken by her mother; she was holding tightly in her arms  a pillow, without which she couldn’t fell asleep after work …
She chose me, in her eyes there was all the wish to take part to my life’s adventure and I’ve seen her growing  up for fifteen years…. till today.
It hasn’t been an easy period,  studded by unforeseen events but also by journeys and discoveries made together.
During these years I loose my parents and my best friend, Edoardo, that I considered my twin in ideals and dreams.
Last august Sasi  loose, after a fulminating illness, her mother…and, after the commemoration mass in Porto Maurizio,…she introduced to me Emanuele, a Greek boy, born in the Crete Isle.
Something was telling me, from the deep of the hearth, that all that glittered was no gold  and as, often, everything could be only an illusion wanted by our urgent need of love.
I proposed, that very evening,  to go for a journey with him in the hearth of truth, Egypt, where people and things assume their right value and what is false, as for a disenchanting magic, to reveal itself.
A journey similar to that made together many years before, during which we had learnt moving truths and together were moved to tears by those revealed knowledges.
“Ancor en petit sforz” (“still a little effort”) was used to tell me Sasi joking while I dragging my heavy luggage during our movings from one to another bank of the Nile…and, now  I need “still a little effort” to tell this sad story.

 Maat representing the truth,equity and order in the ancient Egypt’s world

During those years, to thank her of her friendship, I had mentioned her in my holograph will, now  promptly rectified, asking to my surviving heir to will provide, in case of my death, to assure her the use of a house using to this aim every goods or right in my possession.
A week ago I came back  with her to the subject and, being about to close a hoary family case, I proposed her to form together a new real estate management trust, with the new recovered capital, where I could have given her a share of 10 per cent.
I could then also arrange to designate her as my devisee in case of my untimely death.
We went to a Notary and when the Public Officer asked her documents, to arrange the act, he inquired about her civil status.
“Unmarried” she answered
… and it couldn’t be different … for all I knew.
On Easter Monday I had been invited for lunch in her father’s house in the country where, after her mother Franca’s death, she has returned to live.
I presented myself with a ridiculous tray of ten pastries thinking there were only three persons… on the contrary the table was ready for twenty persons!  Who was roasting goat skewers on the barbecue,  who was pouring wine in the glasses and… sitting in front of me there where two boys just back from Greece.
I already knew one of them, he was Emanuele, the boy known those evening in Imperia and with which   Sasi and I went out one evening for dinner.
But on  that Easter Monday, if possible, I perceived  an unpleasant sensation.
He was laughing with his mate speaking in his mother language  and so irritating all the presents.
Really unpleasant in a particolar way when the younger mate rubbed himself against me.
I went away from him launching him a black look and, taken Sasi by a side, I expressed her all my remarks on her friends’ behaviour.
She answered me that they were very rude  and that she had no intention to keep on mixing with them. For me the question was ended there.

Maat representing the truth,equity and order in the ancient Egypt’s world

In the following weeks we kept on seeing us  to improve our  project of society.
Sincerely this was a way, by my side, to give some self-confidence to this girl, considering that she had  a short time ago,  left orphan of her mother.
I had also proposed to help her to find a new work, preparing her Curriculum Vitae to send, hoping that she could find a drawing reason for life.
I couldn’t know what was the motive but I guessed in her a deep state of trouble, that she yet didn’t expressed into words. Her house was no more tidy as it has ever been, she loved no more her work, her friends didn’t reassure me.
I perceived that something was wrong and I felt obliged to do my best to help her. Yes, something was wrong….but what?
It was the Notary to tell it to me.
“There is a problem, Madam, the person with which you want to form the society has stated false personal particulars. She isn’t single but she is married for one year and two months with  J.K., born in Albania.”
At that revelation, in only one moment, the whole world collapsed on me.
Why don’t tell me?

 Maat representing the truth,equity and order in the ancient Egypt’s world

I called her father and I asked him to meet…and he,crying, told me to know about it only from that Easter Monday when she introduced him.
It was that boy sitting in front of me.
That boy was a Greek… but, probably, only for me!
My hearth broke, tears moved to my eyes.
Why? Why all those  lies ?
If it was a good boy and she loved him he could come even from the Third Galaxy, from the Hell of the World itself and I’d have been happy…
But those lies…why?
I shudder because now I understand.
There are three chance: either Sasi has been  morally subjugated… and this is serious… or she is conscious and this is still worst…or even it’s only fault of a heavy youthful foolishness that maybe is retrievable, even if worrying.
I called again the Notary and I’ve made a date to cancel all the deeds, I’ve close the account with the Bank.  I submitted to know the shame having to explain to unknown people that the person in which I trusted was betraying me.
Unconsciously or because a party to a crime.
“It would have come to a bad end first you and then your devisee” that was the sentence.
Terrible even only hear that.
The day before yesterday I was looking the father be torn by uneasiness caused by the daughter and I was thinking how was joining us in the pain the lacking of respect because how can could respect a simple friend he who doesn’t respect his own father ?
We are nothing at world but we become important for our uniqueness and in the respect we owe one to the other. We grow up in the values and not thanks to money.
Her has been a  treason, by any point  you want to watch it …
A treason repeated in time that I try to exorcize with these few words.
Because truth lost in a constant lie is a street that goes nowhere.
You only loose yourself.
Correct yourself in time, Sasi, please do “En petit sforz” (“still a little effort”) and life, the true one will wait for you, you’ll be able to take the pleasure to face it with courage and you won’t have to leave in its labyrinth he mates of everyday.
You can’t buy love, life has to be conquered with loyalty… as Harry Potter teaches.

Maat representing the truth,equity and order in the ancient Egypt’s world

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