The Changing

I’m on the west bank of the Nile River in Asswan , there where the desert of ochre sand arrives… near the “strong water”, the stream that indomitable comes from the dam, stronger than the wind and so difficult to go up.                                                           Sacred ibis on the rocks…invisibles! Eight sacred ibis height and grey welcome […]

Bamboo : nine days of happyness

I was swimming in the azure water of the swimming pool, length after length even  my thoughts became more and more liquid, they lost their rationality becoming instinctive and no more sequential…They were surprising me in my course…doing breast-stroke I let me glide in the water after every push savouring the joy of having no […]

Gens nova

During this winter 2004,  with a jazz session and a nostalgic concert of Fabrizio de Andrè’s songs, the old english church  in Alassio breathed a sigh of relief. Provided with a perfect acoustic and an enviable library it could see, after years of decay,  a revival of the past splendour thanks to the clever transaction […]

Can the Marriage be carried out only by myself?

Here I am, to tell the difficult…the unfathomable part of my conscience, up to now at least, with the absolutely not veiled purpose to throw light, admit and forgiven my own and other people’s faults. I think I have always been absolutely protagonist of my life, I have never come to compromises, paying personally the […]

My Marriage

During the beginning of the year 1972 in Cortina d’Ampezzo, back from my journey in Mexico with Ruy I was spending my snowy days closed in my flat, dreaming about my life…. which in that moment appeared not at all satisfying. The work was going on, shortly I’d have been the lead character in the […]

Surviving Borgia’s poisons

I’d had an out of time experience in a noble palace near the Jewish ghetto in Rome: lost every link with real life I’ve been involved, against my will, by the ghosts of that ancient residence: I had strolled about its narrow passages till it came daybreak, when I felt on me a burden heavier […]


I like to learn from every single second of my life, and very often it’s just the case to give me that ispiration that’s mother of all the ideas. While in contemplation is the silence who wins, the total absence of thinking, the dead calm of our consciousness and continual wishes… As well in that […]

The stick and the oar

Life is done above all of a mix of dreams and reality, with which we face our destiny at every awakening, half aware of present life and half still brimming with the oneiric messages received sleeping, with the words we help us to carry on our way while with the voice we try to communicate […]

1971 Uxmal:The well of the virgins

When Mexico wasn’t called with this name and the new world was living of its culture ignoring ours and, for its fortune, it hadn’t been discovered yet by  navigators in search of spoils…in that golden period maybe  it could still hope to avoid all the barbarism thanks to fact of being separated by an ocean […]

Dalì,the ladies: the drawers of ancestral memory

With Massimo Buscaini and Bedy Moratti,  one evening in Paris having dinner “Chez Maxim” we weren’t alone indeed,  at the table by our side Amanda Lear and Salvador Dalì drawed attention for the only fact of existing. 1972.                                                        Dalì the genius                                            ….with Amanda, no one, and hundred thousand: to have as […]